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Tourism of the more adventurous kind is increasingly common in Uganda – tracking mountain gorillas, or rafting on the Nile, but to many outsiders Uganda’s claim to fame is still little more than Idi Amin, the jovial but brutal dictator.…

  • Tue Sep 6 07:47:41 2016
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Challenging Impunity

The International Criminal Court may not be perfect, argues Noah Novogrodsky…

  • Thu Dec 1 12:26:00 2005
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The arms smugglers

Wairagala Wakabi exposes the lucrative smuggling networks of guns, gold and gems in the Great Lakes region.…

  • Sat May 1 18:47:00 2004
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Child, Slave, Soldier

Child, Slave, Soldier…

  • Sun Aug 5 08:01:01 2001
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  • Mon Oct 5 08:01:01 1998
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  • Thu Sep 5 08:01:01 1996
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Sisters of Joy

Giving a voice to the voiceless, Ruby Diamonde's friend Tatiana is an inspiration.…

  • Wed Oct 28 05:52:05 2015
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Searching for global solidarity in the age of inequality

Internationalism's goal to secure basic needs for all remains relevant, but we must move away from being sensationalist, reports Hazel Healy.…

  • Wed Sep 3 17:10:00 2014
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Life after the Lord’s Resistance Army

Survivors of the Ugandan rebel group’s reign of terror are speaking out so that their experiences will not be forgotten.…

  • Mon May 12 04:22:00 2014
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Jane Bussmann on the poverty industry, Kony and dance therapy

Lydia James talks to the British comedy writer as she begins a tour of her new show, unsuitable for both children and NGO staff.…

  • Fri Nov 8 10:33:00 2013
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