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Slow Fashion: Caryn Franklin and Safia Minney Live Q&A

Safia Minney launched her new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion last week. Caryn Franklin, British fashion expert and commentator, asks the People Tree founder about the trend of slow fashion and where the industry is heading.…

  • Mon Apr 11 08:15:14 2016
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Help us reach our fundraising goals!

Independent journalism is an endangered species — together we can protect and defend it. Helen Wallis explains why it is important to support New Internationalist.…

  • Tue Mar 1 13:25:56 2016
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David Ransom: a tribute

The former NI co-editor, who died this week, was a much-loved colleague, friend and mentor.…

  • Wed Feb 17 09:10:00 2016
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Free Integrity eBook Competition

We're offering 100 FREE digital copies of our new eco-fiction novel, 'Integrity'..…

  • Fri Feb 12 13:18:44 2016
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El Salvador

El Salvador…

  • Sun Oct 5 08:01:01 2003
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The woman who saved a beach and sparked a movement

Alison Homewood meets the inspirational nonagenarian June Haimoff.…

  • Tue Dec 22 03:24:39 2015
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About New Internationalist

About New Internationalist…

  • Mon May 9 04:29:41 2016
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Coffee: the view from the valley

Coffee drinker David Ransom joins coffee farmer Gregorio Gomez on a long trek in pursuit of the explanation for a persistent injustice.…

  • Tue Sep 5 08:01:00 1995
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  • Tue Jan 5 07:01:01 1993
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Darkening the White Heart of the Climate Movement

At London’s climate march, the ‘Wretched of the Earth’ bloc, representing communities of colour on the frontlines of climate change, were supposed to lead. At the last minute, the march’s organizers changed their minds. Joshua Virasami and Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert were there.…

  • Fri Jul 8 08:20:00 2016
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