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Soundbites - Atiq Rahman

While Hurricane Gustav swirled through the front pages of our media, the hundreds of deaths caused by extreme winds in the last month around the Caribbean and in Asia rated barely a mention…

  • Fri Sep 12 14:37:00 2008
  • Rank: 59

HIV positive couples paired-up for marriage

Nigeria’s Bauchi State is acting as a “dating agency” by arranging for HIV+ people to meet each other with the aim of getting married and reducing the spread of HIV…

  • Mon Sep 15 08:19:00 2008
  • Rank: 59

How to find (another) $700 billion without really trying

If you suspect it is not just Wall Street that is causing the crunch, or millionaires in the US who can now save the world by paying back their tax cuts, here's another better idea.…

  • Mon Sep 29 08:57:00 2008
  • Rank: 59

Princess and President

Despite the country being hit by Typhoon Fengshen, Filipino President Arroyo arranged a 10-day trip to the US for herself and at least 59 of her loyal congress members, at a reported cost of 66 million pesos ($1.42 million)!…

  • Thu Oct 2 01:41:00 2008
  • Rank: 59

A River Called Time

The fourth novel of Mozambican author *Mia Couto*…

  • Sat Nov 1 22:07:00 2008
  • Rank: 59

Remember, remember the fourth of November

New law gives animal rights campaigners reason to celebrate.…

  • Thu Jan 1 05:27:00 2009
  • Rank: 59

Healthcare crippled

Millions of African lives lost from shortfall in doctors.…

  • Thu Jan 1 05:42:00 2009
  • Rank: 59

Sock and Awe

Take off your shoes to George Dubya?…

  • Thu Jan 1 07:47:00 2009
  • Rank: 59

Aryan Outfitters

Business is booming for sinister seamstress…

  • Thu Jan 1 08:11:00 2009
  • Rank: 59

Expert Security

Eat in or get taken away…

  • Thu Jan 1 08:17:00 2009
  • Rank: 59


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