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Saleyha Ahsan

Saleyha Ahsan is a freelance journalist and medical doctor based in London.…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:58:02 2017
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Peter Stalker

Peter Stalker…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:44 2017
  • Rank: 100
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Ewa Jasiewicz

Ewa Jasiewicz is an activist and writer involved in various anti-capitalist, climate and solidarity campaigns. .…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:26 2017
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Moro Hideki

Moro Hideki…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:25 2017
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Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie was hired by ODI (Overseas Development Institute) in 2010 to lead the organisation's research and policy advice on the future of development cooperation. He is now an independent consultant and writer. Previously he worked for Christian Aid, first as a policy adviser on development finance (where he helped develop some of the now-ubiquitous critique of international tax policy), and then as country director in Colombia, working on land rights and displacement.…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:23 2017
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Sokari Ekine

Sokari Ekine is a Nigerian social justice activist and blogger. She writes an awardwinning blog, Black Looks, which she started in 2004, writing on a range of topics such as LGBTI Rights in Africa, gender issues, human rights, the Niger Delta, Haiti and Land Rights. She is a IRP 2013 Fellow.…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:19 2017
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Joti Brar

Joti Brar…

  • Mon Jun 26 15:57:12 2017
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Worldbeaters: Rodrigo Duterte

The president of the Philippines he may be, but his reputation is as a Dirty Harry of vigilante politics..…

  • Thu Oct 6 09:04:31 2016
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Our History

The history of the New Internationalist.…

  • Wed Sep 21 11:44:48 2016
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Legalize drugs - all of them!

NI editor Vanessa Baird looks at the many reasons why this is the only option that makes sense. .…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:53:40 2016
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