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    Feel the fear and carry on

    In Iraq a growing number of women are now doing the dangerous work of removing landmines – previously a male preserve. Adrian Margaret Brune reports.
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    Abandoned: Abolition in education

    England’s schools funnel its most marginalized young people towards the criminal justice system, writes Zahra Bei. But educators and young people are reimagining what’s possible.
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    Hall of infamy: Joe Manchin

    The US Republicans’ favourite Democrat.
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    Trapped in wait

    The UK’s asylum process consistently fails LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, and it’s only set to get worse as the government pushes through its draconian Nationality and Borders Bill. Amy Hall speaks to someone stuck in the system
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    Bring on the marriage strike

    Some Indian men are threatening a marriage strike for a most dubious reason. Nilanjana Bhowmick tells them to bring it on.
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    Inside the ‘arsenal of peace’

    As volunteers prepare aid for Ukrainian refugees, Simone Lai reports from Italy’s largest arms factory – which still works 24-hours a day, but for social justice.
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    The volunteers shouldering Ukraine’s humanitarian response

    Mutual aid networks in Ukraine have stepped up to support those in need across the country, writes Tina Burrett.
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    Racism’s deadly cycle

    Leonardo Sakamoto on his country's lethal pattern of racism.
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    Stolen treasures

    Taken during a violent British raid, the Benin bronzes have sat in Western museums and private collections for over a century. Kieron Monks reports on Nigeria’s battle to get them back and what it means for the wider push to return works robbed from Africa.
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    ‘Why are you killing us?’

    Is the war in Ukraine reaching a stalemate and is Russia showing signs of taking a step back? Having recently returned from the country, Francesca Ebel explores how Russia’s invasion has progressed over the past few weeks.
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    Defiance in Kyiv

    As lives are turned upside down by war, Bennett Murray reports from Kyiv on the defiant mood in the Ukrainian capital.
  • New Internationalist image for /immersive/2022/03/30/our-culture-vanishing-amazon-brazil-indigenous

    ‘Our culture is vanishing’

    In the Amazon rainforest, remote communities descended from enslaved African people, are taking on the palm oil production that threatens their land. Miguel Pinheiro reports.
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    Could the Left take power in Colombia?

    With the South American country closer than ever to electing a leftwing government, Nick MacWilliam explores what it could mean for peace and human rights.
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    Scottish ship workers stand defiant

    A recent wave of mass redundancies from P&O ferries has triggered outrage. Conrad Landin reports from Cairnryan, Scotland, where the movement to restore jobs is gaining momentum.
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    Country profile: Jamaica

    First came the Spanish, then the British, and then the austerity measures of the IMF. Christina Ivey on the Caribbean nation caught in a post-colonial predicament. 
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    New year, fearful past

    At Persian New Year, Sahar Fahimi speaks to Afghans about the humanitarian crisis tearing through their country.
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    Must we ration compassion?

    Europe’s response to accommodate people fleeing Ukraine illustrates how sanctuary for all refugees is possible. Jun Pang and Nadia Hasan write.
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    Hall of infamy: Jair Bolsonaro

    Jair Bolsonaro: viciousness and vulgarity in Brazil.
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    ‘We will oppose it until the end of our lives’

    Shadrack Omuka reports from Kenya’s Arabuko Sokoke forest on the threat posed to East Africa’s largest coastal forest from titanium mining.
  • New Internationalist image for /immersive/2022/03/12/who-will-protect-land-colombia

    Who will protect the land?

    Hazel Sheffield explores how the history of failed land reform in Colombia threatens both people and planet.
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    Antoinette Nikolova: ‘It is a scary time for us journalists.’

    The Bulgarian journalist is director of the Balkan Free Media Initiative, created in April 2021 to monitor and campaign for the protection of media freedoms in southeastern Europe. She speaks to Jan Westad about the growing political distortion of the media and the influence of authoritarianism in the Balkans.
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    Reversing Pinochet’s legacy will be an uphill battle

    Carole Concha Bell on Chile’s unfinished revolution.
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    Cartoon history: Asma Jahangir

    ILYA sketches the uplifting life-story of an inspirational legal defender of the rights of women and religious minorities in Pakistan.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/07/ukraine-peace-movement-and-rush-pick-sides

    Ukraine, the peace movement and the rush to pick sides

    Richard Swift explores why the Cold War's old certainties can no longer hold.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/04/russia-ukraine-war-peace-protest

    Russians say: ‘Stop the war!’

    Tina Burrett speaks to the people taking to the streets of Russia to protest the invasion of Ukraine.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/04/ukraine-war-climate-fridays-future

    ‘We don’t know what will happen tomorrow’

    Caught in the chaos of war, Paul Krantz speaks to young climate activists in Ukraine whose message is clear: modern wars are fossil fuel wars.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/05/01/country-profile-ukraine

    Country profile: Ukraine

    Written well before Russia’s recent invasion, this 2020 profile of Ukraine, by Bennett Murray, provides context to the often-raised issue of fascism in the country.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/02/should-emergency-aid-be-neutral-and-unconditional

    Should emergency aid be neutral and unconditional?

    Khin Ohmar and Toby Lanzer explore the complex trade-offs made by humanitarians working under repressive regimes.
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    Trapped in the state-corporate nexus

    Villagers in the Indian state of Odisha are fighting a major steel plant development, in the face of intense repression – yet again. Aritra Bhattacharya reports.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/introducing-iris-xiomara-castro-sarmiento

    Introducing...Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento

    Could social reformer Iris Xiomara Castro overturn Honduras’ reputation for authoritarian governance and corruption? Richard Swift weighs up the possibilities.
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    Taking back the streets

    A message to the powers that be in Buenos Aires  – with a song and a dance. Virginia Tognola joins in.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/view-india

    No laughing matter

    Laughter has become a risky business, observes Nilajana Bhowmick.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/view-brazil

    The gathering storm

    Leo Sakamoto laments the dawn of the climate era – and worries for the fate of the most vulnerable.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/12/05/interview-muhanned-qafesha

    The interview: Muhanned Qafesha

    Human rights activist Muhanned Qafesha talks about the life-and-death battle to defend Palestine from illegal demolitions and settlements.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/12/07/they-will-take-my-daughters-roma-forced-sterilization

    ‘They will take my daughters’

    Europe has a dark history of policing Roma women’s wombs. Cyrine Sinti investigates attempts to redress forced sterilization in the Czech Republic.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/12/07/go-west

    Go west

    Yaron Matras examines the evolution of language and culture during the Roma’s 1,000 year journey from the Indian sub-continent to modern day Europe.