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Weekly hour-long programmes

Once you’ve obtained permission to broadcast (see the conditions of broadcast outlined below) scroll through the list of programmes from which you can select (also below). Please note that programmes cannot be edited – if you want to use any one, it must be played in its entirety. Files of broadcastable quality (.wav and .flac format) are downloadable for each programme in the extensive list in our archive.

A new program every week will be available by mid-night every Wednesday (Greenwich Mean Time).

Alternatively, there is already an extensive archive of hour-long programs from which you can choose.

All new programmes submitted to this site numbered 35-2007 onwards are 58 minutes in length. However, as each programme contains a feature song of over 3 minutes length, you can cut the song back to a sting to suit any time slot from 55 minutes to 58 minutes. Programmes submitted to this site numbered less than 35-2007 vary from 56 to 58 minutes.

For songs and stings in all programmes, music rights have been cleared with the World Music Network, provided you broadcast the entire programme in which the music is included. A short audio ad to promote the programme when it is first scheduled at your station will be available soon – watch this space!

Timeless quality programming to fill a sudden gap in your schedule

There’s something for everyone here: big picture debates; popular culture; or everyday lifestyle issues. There’ll be new recommendations added to this section on a three month rotation. You’ll find a fuller summary of each of these programs together with the downloadable program in The Broadcasters’ Room archive. (The right to broadcast these programs is subject to the conditions outlined in the next section.)

  • 36-2007 Democratic conventions: Democracy must be one of the most exploited words in the English language. So much is being done in its name. The rich terrain that we’re tilling in this program is whether the international community is cultivating democracy, or killing it. The program includes an interview with that well-known progressive thinker, Susan George.

  • 23-2007 How does your garden grow?: Permaculture may still be seen by many as the fodder of the fringe, but its designs are having profound results – stopping starvation, combating climate change, and creating more cohesive communities. Get ready for some reasoned realignment as we hear how growing your own vegies can be a profoundly political act.

  • 19-2007 Mobile talking: More than two thirds of the world’s population are now mobile cell phone subscribers. This program’s guests – from Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China and the Congo – pull out their mobile (or cell) phones and press the ‘on’ button. While we hear that instant mobile communications has some definite benefits, they come at the expense of our health and the environment.

  • 15-2007 Sultans of spin: Public relations experts are manipulating information in favour of companies, governments and the rich at blinding speeds. Many communities are so resigned to this spin-doctoring that governments and officials who get caught-out lying still get elected. This program opens the PR briefcase and examines their tools of trade.

Special programmes for the Christmas-New Year period

By the end of November 2007, the Broadcasters’ Room will offer at least four Christmas-New Year specials. One will travel around the globe to compare how different cultures and religions celebrate their New Years. Another – called ‘Eat, Drink, and be Merry!’ – will focus on global issues surrounding the food and drinks that we’re likely to find on our tables during these celebrations. And two will look back on this year’s big global problems and look forward to their solutions.

The conditions upon which the right to broadcast is given

These programs, and the copyright to them, are owned by New Internationalist Publications Ltd. (ISSN 0305-9529). All rights are reserved. Individuals, organisations or entities who wish to broadcast or in any other way use or deal with these programmes must obtain written authorization from New Internationalist Publications Ltd. to do so. Any unauthorized broadcasting, copying, editing, exhibiting, renting, selling, hiring, exchanging or lending this programme material in whole or in part is strictly prohibited and any such action establishes liability for a civil action. Programmes cannot be edited – if you want to use them, they must be played in their entirety. If you’d like to obtain authorization to broadcast the program, can you please send an email to [email protected]> to request authorization, and let us know a little about your station (for instance, where you’re broadcasting and to whom, and when you’d like to schedule each program for airplay). And please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries that you may have by email or phone +44-(0)1865 403345.

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