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Put on your seat belt each week as we travel from Liberia to Latin America, through Asia and the Amazon to rendezvous with rebels, radicals and realists with voices and ideas not often heard through mainstream media. A world without armies. Trade without greed. Co-operation without confrontation. Communities that connect. Connect with Radio New Internationalist, right here online.

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International program partners

Radio New Internationalist is produced by NI co-editor Chris Richards (who also presents the program) and broadcaster Rachel Maher at the studios of our program partner, 3CR, in Melbourne, Australia.

Music to your ears

Each program dips into the World Music Network’s wonderful showcase of songs and artists from the Majority World – a different album every week. You’ll find a range of these albums in the NI shop on this website, or by visiting the World Music Network’s Riverboat Records Releases at

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You can listen to Radio New Internationalist online in two ways. You can listen to each program directly from this page by clicking on the play button play buttonnext to each link below for each episode; or to make sure you never miss an episode, you can subscribe to the program by clicking on the ‘podcast’ links. For more information about podcasting, visit our help page.

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