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Display Name: priya thomas (active)
Real Name: priya thomas
Location: chennai,india

Recent comments by priya thomas:

Caste – India’s curse -- New Internationalist
You are right mari-for mainstream India the dalits don't figure-this was the first time in fact ...
(submitted: 23 Oct 15  Go to comment)
British tribunal victory for Indian worker -- New Internationalist
good for premila tirkey-n ofcourse she's lucky she was in the uk and got a windfall as compensat...
(submitted: 07 Oct 15  Go to comment)
Catholic nun barred, a step backward for women’s freedom -- New Internationalist
@pravir kc-check your facts-the sgpc is taking up the same issue as a few sikh students had to remov...
(submitted: 30 Jul 15  Go to comment)
Why The Maggi Affair has angered and enthralled India -- New Internationalist
and I think we are justified in being angry-our street food is prepared in the most unhygienic condi...
(submitted: 05 Jun 15  Go to comment)
Life’s juggernaut rolls on -- New Internationalist
well mari we humans are an optimistic lot and we will always continue to hope that things will someh...
(submitted: 30 Dec 14  Go to comment)
To kiss or not to kiss? A very Indian question -- New Internationalist
Mari good article-don't agree with kiss of love or PDA but just wonder where are the moral polic...
(submitted: 30 Nov 14  Go to comment)
Violence in the home is not just a family affair -- New Internationalist
Mari your blogs are an eye opener for so many of us fortunate ones cocooned in our little worlds whe...
(submitted: 24 Nov 14  Go to comment)
Alcohol ban causes controversy in India -- New Internationalist
Good move-crime rate should decrease-it is sickening to see men making asses of themselves and often...
(submitted: 19 Nov 14  Go to comment)
Justice at last for raped three-year-old -- New Internationalist
a very sad state society is in mari-a three yr old child with a bag for collecting human waste simpl...
(submitted: 31 Oct 14  Go to comment)
Twin concerns in commercial surrogacy -- New Internationalist
Good topical article Mari-you are right - laws should be made to protect all parties n most especial...
(submitted: 10 Oct 14  Go to comment)
A newborn brings hope -- New Internationalist
In an interview Randeep hooda a fairly prominent Hindi actor said women and men can never be equal a...
(submitted: 28 Sep 14  Go to comment)
New times, new battles in India and beyond -- New Internationalist
we all embrace new ideas with euphoria -today Bengal is disenchanted with the communist party-the na...
(submitted: 02 Aug 14  Go to comment)
Fighting sexism – 30 years on -- New Internationalist
Rightly said mari-thirty years on and the scene is just as bleak for victims of domestic violence -o...
(submitted: 23 Jun 14  Go to comment)
Glad to be adivasi! -- New Internationalist
nice heartwarming article-the adivasi way of life seems almost utopian-one thing for sure we can cer...
(submitted: 13 Jun 14  Go to comment)
Indian orphans sexually abused by western paedophile ring -- New Internationalist
this guy should commit suicide-people who don't see people-and children worse still- as human be...
(submitted: 06 Jun 14  Go to comment)
‘It won’t be the normal sort of wedding’ -- New Internationalist
Thank God for people like the professor and his family.i once knew a Ramkrishna mission priest who h...
(submitted: 21 May 14  Go to comment)
Words, words and more damned words -- New Internationalist
todays papers tell us that US and British forces are arriving Nigeria to help tackle the crisis-took...
(submitted: 10 May 14  Go to comment)
I am terrified – and optimistic – for India’s future -- New Internationalist
post godhra then prime minister atal behari Vajpayee and senior party leader jaswant singh had moote...
(submitted: 22 Mar 14  Go to comment)
Stop persecution in Bangladesh and Pakistan -- New Internationalist
who can forget the little girl in pakistan arrested for burning a religous text-for that matter 2 da...
(submitted: 19 Mar 13  Go to comment)
Jharkhand – an adivasi extravaganza -- New Internationalist
lovely reading-heartwarming to see the intermixing of the tribals of the different parts of the coun...
(submitted: 14 Nov 12  Go to comment)