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Display Name: duncan (active)
Real Name: duncan wheeler
Location: ireland
Visitor Info: I was born in Ireland, one of the most beautiful lands run by some of the most corrupt animals who have sold us down the neoliberal river of filth. I am alive and breathe in and out all the time. Unfortunately the utterly human response is to ignore the upsetting stuff if it doesn't directly involve me or mine. That we are allowing this beautiful world slip away and be seized by the most selfish and rotten examples of our species., in exchange for some shiny otys and not a lot else.... is too sad for words, actions are needed. Thank you John Pilger and New Internationalist for being one of the few lights lighting the darkness all around us & for questioning the big lies being recycled. Not bio but a statment of being. Peace, love & light. Duncan Wheeler

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Thanks for the illuminating article John Pilger. Shocking and and sadly not that extraordinary. The ...
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