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Iemanja's day festival photographed -- New Internationalist
Wow! This looks like a collage. Beautiful.

Where can I see more of these photos?
(submitted: 03 Sep 10  Go to comment)
Yellow Jersey - tax haven takes the limelight -- New Internationalist
I wondered how Barclays could make such a huge profit!
[a href=’
(submitted: 20 Mar 09  Go to comment)
A reason why we have our office in Chofu city. -- New Internationalist
Must be great for the NI Japan office to be so near to these small farms. What type of crops do they...
(submitted: 10 Mar 09  Go to comment)
Welcome to the NI Japan Blog! / About Earth Garden event -- New Internationalist
Thanks Moro, it's great to read about what NI Japan is up to. Looking forward to the next one.
(submitted: 05 Mar 09  Go to comment)
Anita's visit puts Yasuní on the map -- New Internationalist
Here are the [a href=’’]photos fr...
(submitted: 14 Oct 08  Go to comment)
A nice little page the NI has done about consumerism and challenging the god of growth [a href=̵...
(submitted: 26 Sep 08  Go to comment)
How to find $700 billion without really trying -- New Internationalist
Well done Mr Ransom!

I think the editors at the NI should grab this opportunity and reall...
(submitted: 26 Sep 08  Go to comment)
Our daily bread - and our trespasses -- New Internationalist
Food Thanks for bringing this up Dinyar. Here's and interesting article from the BBC:
(submitted: 22 Apr 08  Go to comment)