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Display Name: Geoffrey (active)
Real Name: David Ssembajjo
Location: London, United Kingdom
Visitor Info: I was born in Uganda and attended primary and high school. While in school I participated in plays written and performed by students. After high school I briefly worked as a part-time salesman. I came to Britain in 1991 and begun writing a year later. While in high school I studied English literature which I appreciated and when I came to Britain it was like a pilgrimage and I knew I was standing on sacred land.

I have written four books which I have self published. The books I have written are The Stolen Gift, a Journey to Maleba, Chronicles of a Soldier and Servants of the Underground. I have written comments for the New Internationalist, newsletters and websites. I have tried to solicit publishers to publish my works but received a poor reception. As a self published writer I have undertaken to promote my books and to edit and proofread them. A book can't market or promote itself but a writer must strive to market it. I have received disappointing news as regards promoting my books. My books have had a poor circulation and few reviews.

My books tackle a selection of ideas. They are apolitical,war epics, romantic and covering epic journeys. The reason I embarked on writing was the experience I underwent, witnessing war and reading books gave me the tool and weapon to write. I was inspired to write following the books I read and I launched myself into writing. Having said that I find that there are few readers to take on my books. I am a former member of English Pen and Player/playwrights. Reading books gave me the ability to write. There is no diversity in books published and I have received many rejection slips. I have written plays and none has been commisssioned. There is nothing like bad publicity and I joined the Goodreads book website and this brought my books to the attention of readers.

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