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Display Name: Giedre (active)
Location: London, UK

Recent comments by Giedre:

Pass the sick bag (again) it's Gary Barlow! -- New Internationalist
It is pretty ugly indeed, Alan. I wonder if those smiling children - and adults - were paid for thei...
(submitted: 29 May 12  Go to comment)
First Madeleine Albright, now Prince Harry: the strange world of humanitarian awards -- New Internationalist
My effort to avoid watching the BBC failed for some 10 minutes the other day, but was strengthened b...
(submitted: 09 May 12  Go to comment)
The Girl Store -- New Internationalist
This ad is appalling, to say the least. Such methods as saying ’Experience the sensation of bu...
(submitted: 05 May 12  Go to comment)
A word with Adonis -- New Internationalist
It is indeed, Wayne.

I was particularly touched, however, by his thoughts on our common h...
(submitted: 28 Apr 12  Go to comment)
Action at the arms fair -- New Internationalist
Awesome! Was it the the staff at the National Gallery having their own little rebellion against the ...
(submitted: 15 Sep 11  Go to comment)
‘Like a cage without a key’ – raising awareness of depression -- New Internationalist
Thank you for sharing such a painful personal story with us, Iris. What a tragedy. Too many tragedie...
(submitted: 15 Sep 11  Go to comment)
The former Soviet republics: 15 siblings with little in common -- New Internationalist
Thank you, Iris and Mari, really appreciate it.

Please keep the important stories from yo...
(submitted: 12 Sep 11  Go to comment)
Unending ‘9/11s’: A sad kind of freedom -- New Internationalist
That last quote indeed says it all, Felicity.
(submitted: 12 Sep 11  Go to comment)
Soviet nostalgia: thank you, broken promises -- New Internationalist
Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.

This blog post came abou...
(submitted: 12 Sep 11  Go to comment)
The former Soviet republics: 15 siblings with little in common -- New Internationalist

Indeed, saying that the 15 states that had once been part of the Soviet Union are ...
(submitted: 28 Aug 11  Go to comment)
Rev Billy exorcises the dark soul of BP -- New Internationalist
BP's latest sin: [a href=’
(submitted: 20 Jul 11  Go to comment)
Education dilemma: two bookshelves for 200 pupils -- New Internationalist
A dilemma indeed: a new car for a corrupt politician or a textbook for a pupil? Hmm, it's a toug...
(submitted: 20 Jul 11  Go to comment)
Taking on Tarmageddon - The Movie -- New Internationalist
Re release date, waiting for People and Planet to reply!
(submitted: 20 Jul 11  Go to comment)
The costs and benefits of animal experiments -- New Internationalist
The human arrogance and self-proclaimed superiority over all other living creatures is as infinite a...
(submitted: 11 Jul 11  Go to comment)
There's no escaping racism in India -- New Internationalist

We are all entitled to have opinions, but that doesn't mean we can run ...
(submitted: 27 Jun 11  Go to comment)
As I walked out... -- New Internationalist
Have a few pages left. A good read, I must say, and funny.

’'Welcome,' h...
(submitted: 13 Jun 11  Go to comment)
Switching off denial: a guide -- New Internationalist
@twawki, what exactly is rubbish in this text, in your opinion?
(submitted: 30 May 11  Go to comment)
A second French Revolution? -- New Internationalist
@Grouch, I think you are being a bit unfair. I read the article once again and nowhere does the auth...
(submitted: 27 May 11  Go to comment)
Our lives. Our anger -- New Internationalist
’If you are not pissed off, you are not paying attention.’
(submitted: 26 May 11  Go to comment)
Put paid to poverty -- New Internationalist
This has been long overdue. But the people who are forced to work for the minimum wage know very wel...
(submitted: 13 May 11  Go to comment)