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The face of Abdullah Öcalan frequently appears on banners at pro-Kurdish demonstrations around the world,  ​like this one in Berlin. Jan Scheunert/Zuma/Alamy

Mandela of the Middle East?

How did a once hardcore Marxist-Leninist and nationalist guerrilla leader come to develop a politics of participatory democracy, feminism and ecology? Vanessa Baird traces Abdullah Öcalan’s journey.

What’s in store for the future when it comes to stopping air pollution? Watch experts and campaigners discuss the fight for clean air at a New Internationalist live event.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, pictured on a diplomatic trip to Brazil in 2019. Credit: Alan Santos/PR  Flickr/Palácio do Planalto

Israel can’t be allowed to continue its colonization of Palestinian lands, writes Ben Jamal of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Back to work: garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, after factories re-opened in May. Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters

A clamour to return to the status quo after Covid-19 would be bad news for people and the planet, argues Richard Swift. We may never get a better chance for a new normal.

Former World Bank president Jim Yong Kim sold $320 million in pandemic bonds during the Ebola crisis.   The bonds, however, did not pay out, even though over 2,000 people have died. Credit: WikiCommons

Liam Taylor on the World Bank’s waning reputation in pandemic response.

Leasing a flying ICU to go between Belém and Brasília costs over $6,794 – or 63 months’ wages of a person within the poor 50 per cent.

In Brazil, the rich, who infected the poor, are now buying ICU flights for themselves.

Husna Rizvi makes a vital suggestion.

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