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What if…: social media were built for our needs, not profit?

What if…: social media were not for profit?

Nick Dowson imagines a different world of online communities that puts our needs first.

Latest issue: March-April 2023

A world to win

A pedestrian walkway in Kingstow, the capital of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

James Schneider profiles the Caribbean nation, close to the Hugo Chávez-founded ALBA alliance but also to the UK, US and Taiwan.

A man looks at the Qoloji displacement camp, the largest in Ethiopia. EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid via Flickr

A court case shows the continent’s demand for social media companies to be accountable for their impact offline, columnist Resebell Kagumire writes.

Someone wearing a grey hoodie walks through a field of strawberries holding a box. Other people pick fruit in the background.

Ahead of their event on resisting monopoly capitalism, Global Justice Now’s Nick Dearden explains the rise of ‘food billionaires’, and what we can do to challenge their power.

A woman sits at a table looking at a mobile phone.

The taboo around sex outside of marriage means it can be hard to access safe pregnancy termination. But a recent court ruling could help to change things, writes Nilanjana Bhowmick.

Illustration: Sarah John

Stephanie Boyd on a beautiful farewell in Peru’s southern Andes.

Agony uncle: Is the language of oppression being weaponized to the point of meaninglessness?

A troubled reader fears they are unfairly being accused of gaslighting, manipulation and abuse by their friends. Agony Uncle advises.

Past issues

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Passersby walk past a mural  in Venezuela showing oil drilling. Oil  has made an important contribution to  Venezuelan state revenues.  JOHN VAN HASSELT/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES

We cannot let the fossil fuel industry block urgently needed climate action. Nick Dowson lays out a path to...

Russia’s invasion has triggered cost rises and staple shortages. Ugochi Anyaka-Oluigbo examines the crisis...

Malcolm Lewis on two standout releases in world cinema.

Richard Swift on the right-wing libertarian and former public prosecutor hoping to ‘teach some manners’ to...

Kharkiv’s musicians came together in a secret underground bunker for a fundraising gig, in aid of the city’s defence efforts. JEN STOUT

Without networks of civic activism, the war might be going very differently for Ukraine, writes Jen Stout.

Four women stand outside with their arms around each other. They all have short hair. One wears sunglasses. There is a viaduct in the background.

Louise Gray reviews Strike by Lining Time and Together for Ukraine by Various Artists.

Two women and a man smile outside a green and blue building. The man carries chopped wood.

Alexey Sakhnin considers the country that made international headlines for massive anti-government protests...

4 book covers

Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateau and Amy Hall review the latest releases in...

A person sits on top of a pile of coins and reads a book

This episode of the Taxcast explores the results of the Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index 2022.

Steve Chandra Savale speaks to Subi Shah about music for spiritual change and social justice.

Steve Chandra Savale speaks to Subi Shah about music for spiritual change and social...

The rich and powerful are using ruinous lawsuits to target journalists and activists who hold them to account. Tina...


Kathleen Nolan examines a simplistic non-solution to complex problems.

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