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A new chapter for Colombia?

Colombia’s first leftwing president-elect, Gustavo Petro, is riding a wave of hope. But, as Nick MacWilliam outlines, many challenges that need to be met head-on lie ahead.

Latest issue: May-June 2022

How we stop Big Oil

A rally to mark Defender of Ukraine Day, in Kiev, on 14 October 2017. Activists and supporters of the Azov, Svoboda (Freedom), Ukrainian nationalist parties and Right Sector took part.

Richard Swift and Conrad Landin examine Vladimir Putin’s bogus claims of ‘de-nazification’ in Ukraine.

Peruvian women call on Anglo-Swiss mining giant Glencore, investors and UK and EU parliamentarians to take action on toxic drinking water. Vanessa Baird reports.

Ethical and political dilemmas abound these days. Seems like we’re all in need of a New Internationalist perspective. Enter stage: Agony Uncle

Profiles of groups from Palestine, Mozambique, Uganda and India who are saying no to new oil and gas infrastructure.

Banners wave at the opening ceremony of the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth near Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 2010. The People’s Agreement signed at the conference called for the Global North to repay a ‘climate debt’ to the Majority World. AIZAR RALDES/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

How can we phase out fossil fuels in a way that works for people everywhere? The historic Cochabamba People’s Agreement offers a way forward, argues Max Ajl.

Nick Dowson gives the low-down on the latest tricks in corporate spin.

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A person draped in a blue, green, red and yellow Mapuche flag stands with their back to the camera, looking towards a gas plant in the distance

The Mapuche people in Argentina are saying no to an influx of transnationals trying to frack their lands. Grace...

Transnational oil companies are looking to leave the Niger Delta without cleaning up their mess. Ken Henshaw...

A short history of dependency.

Alaa Abd el-Fattah

The activists of the Arab Spring have faced a devastating backlash. We must support them, writes Nanjala Nyabola...

Passersby walk past a mural  in Venezuela showing oil drilling. Oil  has made an important contribution to  Venezuelan state revenues.  JOHN VAN HASSELT/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES

We cannot let the ever-expanding oil and gas industry stand in the way of urgently needed climate action. Nick...

Russia’s invasion has triggered cost rises and staple shortages. Ugochi Anyaka-Oluigbo examines the crisis...

Malcolm Lewis on two standout releases in world cinema.

Richard Swift on the right-wing libertarian and former public prosecutor hoping to ‘teach some manners’ to...

Kharkiv’s musicians came together in a secret underground bunker for a fundraising gig, in aid of the city’s defence efforts. JEN STOUT

Without networks of civic activism, the war might be going very differently for Ukraine, writes Jen Stout.

Four women stand outside with their arms around each other. They all have short hair. One wears sunglasses. There is a viaduct in the background.

Louise Gray reviews Strike by Lining Time and Together for Ukraine by Various Artists.

Two women and a man smile outside a green and blue building. The man carries chopped wood.

Alexey Sakhnin considers the country that made international headlines for massive anti-government protests...

A group of people stand on steps, outside, holding large cut-out hands with messages calling for action on the climate.

The theory of ‘deep adaptation’ is rapidly gaining support. Richard Swift assesses how far, if anywhere, it...

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