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Internationalize it! A girl takes part in a global day of action on climate change in Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, South Africa in September 2020. SUMAYA HISHAM/REUTERS

Five useful things you can do during COP26

Danny Chivers offers up five useful things we can all do to secure meaningful action during the COP26 climate talks.

Latest issue: September-October 2021

Who gets to eat?

Blocked from education by the Taliban, Ritu Mahendru speaks to young women risking their safety to teach younger students.

Isobel Tarr of Coal Action Network speaks to activists at the forefront of the decades-long movement to end new opencast coal mining about how change was won.

Photo by Prashanth Pinha on Unsplash

Nilanjana Bhowmick on why women won’t linger awhile.

A man wears a suit and carries a large whole head mask of Boris Johnson. A police officer stands in front of him.

With the legitimacy UN climate conference under question, Eve Livingston speaks to the activists adamant that change will come from the grassroots.

Industrial agriculture is drying up the land in Almeria, Spain. Vitalie Duporge speaks to activists and small-scale farmers trying to avert local ecocide.

Southern governments are captive to the demands of international capital, which stops them from meeting people’s real needs. Modern monetary theory offers a path to true economic sovereignty, says Jason Hickel.

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Pat Mooney explores what happens when Big Data meets Big Ag. Interview by Nick Dowson.

Colombian anti-drug policemen and a dog stand guard at a coca plantation in Tumaco, Colombia February 26, 2020. Picture taken February 26, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Five years on from the peace agreement, rural violence continues and coca production is on the rise. Joe Ballesteros...

Leo Sakamoto fears a drought as Brazil’s long-brewing water crisis hits home.

Supporters of the ruling military junta, the CNRD, stand in front of their headquarters the day after the 2021 coup d'état in Guinea. Credit: Aboubacarkhoraa/WikiCommons

Multiple coups, a global virus and democracy on the ropes in many parts of the world. Nanjala Nyabola asks...

A man wearing a blue t-shirt sits next to a window

Could solar-powered desalination help boost drinking water supplies in Kenya and beyond? Anthony Langat...

The legs of people wearing camouflage and black boots. They are marching.

Symon Hill envisages a world without the military.

An illustration of a person with long hair writes the word volunteer on a blackboard

As their inexperienced family member plans a teaching trip to Ghana, a reader turns to our Agony Uncle for advice.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Welcome to the US Congress member’s alternative Far Right universe.

"37910-014: GMS Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project in Lao PDR" by Asian Development Bank is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Despite being linked to several disasters, the Asian Development Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to large hydro...

Hazel Healy sheds light on a deeply dysfunctional food chain.

Thanks to newly declassified files, Chilean exiles have discovered that the same country which gave them refuge, was...

Afghan women organize protests in Kabul, following the undemocratic takeover of the state apparatus by the Taliban.

Ritu Mahendru speaks to Afghan women at the forefront of resisting the Taliban’s oppression, including on...

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