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Yemeni girls study in a school destroyed by the war in Taiz City, Yemen. Credit: Shutterstock/Akramalrasny

‘Yemeni women must be given a seat at the table’

Historic peace talks are a glimmer of hope in the world’s worst humanitarian conflict. But the exclusion of Yemeni women’s voices in the peace process is deeply worrying, says Fatma Jaffar of Oxfam, in Sanaa.


Latest issue: May-June 2023

The crisis of loneliness

Illustration: Andy Carter

It’s time adults stopped trying to mould kids into obedient neoliberal subjects, argues Matt Broomfield.

Illustration: Sarah John

Stephanie Boyd reports from the Peruvian Amazon, where Indigenous communities are fighting to save their language.

Red handed: A truck loaded with coal is spotted inside the Ffos-y-Fran opencast mine in South Wales on May 24, months after it was ordered to stop operating Credit: UVAG/Coal Action Network

The UK’s largest opencast coal mine has ‘illegally’ extracted 300,000 tonnes of coal after being ordered to close. Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network reports on this shocking state of affairs.

Vandana Shiva

The Indian physicist and veteran food sovereignty activist speaks to Amy Hall about a lifetime of keeping smiling while fighting the lies of the ‘poison cartel’.

A scrap dealer is standing in his workshop that has been bulldozed by the Jammu & Kashmir  revenue department as part of an ongoing anti-encroachment drive in Srinagar. Credit: Adil Abbas

A government policy to ‘reclaim’ state land has had dire consequences for many families in Kashmir, writes Kasturi Chakraborty.

A Greenpeace activist holds a sign as he confronts the deep sea mining vessel Hidden Gem, commissioned by Canadian miner The Metals Company, as it returned to port from eight weeks of test mining in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone between Mexico and Hawaii, off the coast of Manzanillo, Mexico November 16, 2022. REUTERS/Gustavo Graf

Graeme Green reports on why this is a critical year to stop destructive deep-sea mining from taking hold of the world’s oceans.

Past issues

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A man looks at the Qoloji displacement camp, the largest in Ethiopia. EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid via Flickr

A court case shows the continent’s demand for social media companies to be accountable for their impact offline, columnist...

What if…social media were built for our needs, not profit?

Nick Dowson imagines a different world of online communities that puts our needs first.

Someone wearing a grey hoodie walks through a field of strawberries holding a box. Other people pick fruit in the background.

Ahead of their event on resisting monopoly capitalism, Global Justice Now’s Nick Dearden explains the rise...

A woman sits at a table looking at a mobile phone.

The taboo around sex outside of marriage means it can be hard to access safe pregnancy termination. But a recent court ruling...

A person wih peacock feathers over their eyes stands in front of a trans pride flag

Priti Salian on how activists are fighting the colonial mindset to push for trans rights in India.

Large placard with '15 months in prision for a peaceful protest? "Seriously Australia?" #FreeVioletCoco ' written on it and a photo of Deanna Maree “Violet” Coco. Two people are in the background but you can only see the lower parts of their bodies.

Governments are pushing back against climate activism with violence, anti-protest laws and prison sentences. But we can resist...

An anti-government protests in front of the general prosecutor’s headquarters in Moldova’s capital, Chișinău. DAN MORAR/SHUTTERSTOCK

Conrad Landin takes a look at Moldova and its unresolved reckoning with a tormented past.

Ethical and political dilemmas abound these days. Seems like we’re all in need of a New Internationalist perspective. Enter stage: Agony Uncle

Ethical and political dilemmas abound these days. Seems like we’re all in need of a New Internationalist perspective. Enter...

The tagline of Iran’s recent prowomen’s movement is translated from a Kurdish slogan which neatly captures the ideology of the Kurdish feminist revolution. Here a mural displays the Kurdish original. HERZI PINKI/CREATIVE COMMONS

Rahila Gupta examines the precursor to Iran’s ‘first feminist revolution in the world’: a Kurdish feminist...

Heading out to sea in Mahébourg, Mauritius, a country on the radar of tax justice activists. TOMMY TRENCHARD/PANOS PICTURES

Could a Kenyan court case point the way towards a more just tax system? Amy Hall investigates.

A study of 10,000 young people across 10 countries found 45 per cent said climate change ‘negatively affected their daily life and functioning’. The  impact was significantly higher in the four Global  South countries surveyed: Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines and India. MEDIA LENS KING/SHUTTERSTOCK

We don’t just need solutions – we need the courage to imagine they will succeed. Conrad Landin makes the case...

Illustration: Sarah John

Stephanie Boyd on a beautiful farewell in Peru’s southern Andes.

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