Alessio Perrone meets the activists fighting to shine light on human rights abuses during Egypt’s dark days.

Dan Smith argues strengthening international law would do far more good than ad hoc missile strikes.

A global social movement is rising. It is open, participatory and public, writes Jamie Kelsey-Fry.

Social media is usurping the role of the state argues Jillian York.

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April 2018, Issue 511

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  • Cyber-humanitarians
  • Give up on multilateralism?
  • Portraits of three Syrian cities
  • When the drugs don’t work
  • The other side of the Bitcoin

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The new Turkish humanitarians
These three Yemeni girls stand by the shredded remains of their tents in Abs settlement, which is regularly damaged by passing sandstorms.
A Rohingya refugee takes a moment’s pause, shortly after arriving in a makeshift camp at Teknaf, Bangladesh, last September. She is one of over 670,000 people to have fled over the border from Myanmar since August 2017.
A mural in Frankfurt of drowned refugee Alan Kurdi, a photo of whose body lying on the beach went viral in 2015.
Russian president Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Russia Today’s leadership.
Building and Dwelling, by Richard Sennett.

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