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Famous for his portrait of the green-eyed ‘Afghan Girl’, photographer Steve McCurry speaks to Graeme Green about Afghanistan, America and human vs animal nature.

Clueless central banks? A trade war? Southern debt overload? Leading economists including Jayati GhoshCédric Durand and others speculate on where the next crisis might come from...

Attacks on Roma and others have been ignored by law enforcement. Now two lie dead. Madeline Roache reports.

The Sumarins face removal from their own home in East Jerusalem. Amy Hall reports.

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July/August 2018, Issue 514

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  • Inside the post-truth laboratory
  • Sterilized against their will
  • How to make housing a human right
  • Country profile: Botswana
  • Graham Green speaks to Malian musicians Amadou & Mariam

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