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‘Chris Packham: Is it Time to Break the Law?’ is available to watch and stream on Channel 4 at 9.00pm BST on Wednesday 20 September. ROB PARFITT

Is it time more activists broke the law?

As he releases the documentary ‘Is It Time To Break The Law?’, activist and presenter Chris Packham talks to Graeme Green about activism and the ‘radical flank’ effect.

Latest issue: September-October 2023

Decolonize now

Letter from Shapajilla. ILLUSTRATION: SARAH JOHN

Stephanie Boyd reports from an Amazonian village where traditional ways of life are changing with modern times.

Standing firm against BP sponsorship of British Museum’s ‘Troy’ exhibition on 8 February 2020. Hundreds of activists trying to end the artwash were also joined by a giant Trojan horse. IMAGEPLOTTER/ALAMY

UK arts had largely ditched fossil fuel sponsorships after years of activism. Danny Chivers reports on how industry ties have been reshaped.

Illustration of Agony Uncle's advice about gentrification. BY EMMA PEER

‘I was pushed out due to rising rents; now I'm inflicting the same on others. What should I do?’ Our in-house ethics advisor chips in.

Roger Ballen smiles as he poses for a portrait sitting on a chair. PALOMA PALOMINO

Subi Shah talks humanity, power and expression with Johannesburg-based artist Roger Ballen.

A portrait of Tunisian president Kais Saied. KHALED NASRAOUI/DPA/ALAMY

An autocrat in institutional clothing, the Tunisian president has crushed the hopes of democrats in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

US Army medical researchers administer malaria vaccines as part of World Malaria Day in Kenya in 2010. US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa/Flickr

Malaria vaccines are welcome, but they won’t be enough to stop its disease, argues Rosebell Kagumire.

Past issues

More from New Internationalist

Illustration: Andy Carter

Alice McCool imagines a world where countries are not left wearing the West’s cast-offs.

Should I stay or should I go? NI’s new Agony Uncle advises a support worker who's sick of their boss.

Stephanie Boyd experiences new life amid grief on a night voyage in the Peruvian Amazon.

A potter at his wheel at Fustat Pottery Village, Credit: Layla Hamed.

Tom Dale profiles one of the former hotspots of the 2011 Arab Spring, a nation now experiencing a counter-...

Leila Khaled

Marta Vidal speaks with the Palestinian militant about the role of violence in the struggle for a better...

Subi Shah discusses courage, grief and cultural struggle with British author Michael Rosen...

Abdullahi Gonjobe

Can you really put a price on nature? Anthony Lang’at reports on a controversial scheme seen as innovative...

A vehicle recharging point at a motorway service station in Derbyshire, England. TRANSPORTIMAGE PICTURE LIBRARY/ALAMY

Should we believe the hype about electric cars? Danny Chivers assesses the state of play.

Gifts and Books, an exhibition about giving at the Bodleian Library

Writing, reading, giving are all central to the history of humankind. Vanessa Baird visits a new exhibition...

A Palestinian boy confronts an Israeli officer during a 2022 protest against Israeli settlements near the West Bank town of Qalqilya. Credit: Mohamad Torokman/Reuters

Andrew Feinstein argues that the strategy that helped end South Africa’s apartheid must also be mobilized...

 Itamar Ben-Gvir

Spouting hate is a lark when you're in power  – just ask Israel's National Security Minister.

The audience watches two performers dressed as fat cats. They are on the stage with a red silk and one is holding an eviction notice

A new aerial cabaret show explores the housing crisis and the debts of home. Amy Hall reports.

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