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An African Village

From this month’s editor.

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An African Village

From this month’s editor…

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Ending the offshore bonanza

There are ways to change the irresponsible system of tax avoidance, as Niko Block demonstrates.

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The dictionary of deceit

New Internationalist dissects the language of high finance with low motives.

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Mosquitoes versus humankind

The fight against vector-borne diseases is in dire need of new insecticides. But it’s unlikely that real alternatives will make it to the market in time, writes Julia Gross.

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The dissimulation game

Tax avoidance is a worldwide system involving many destinations and layers of financial manipulation. We chart a few of the strands to show who wins and who loses.

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FiSahara: the world's most remote film festival

The festival offers refugees and international guests excitement and windows into forgotten worlds, writes Stefan Simanowitz.

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Indigenous rights: Justin Trudeau’s elephant in the room

The Canadian PM had promised change to the treatment of First Nations, but Jasmine Andersson shows how hopes have been frustrated thus far.

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A closer look at Brazil’s economy

As new president Michal Temer tries to fix the economy through austerity, Kimberley Brown interviews Brazilian political scientist Sergio Gregorio Baierle.

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Fox in charge of the hen house

Alain Deneault explains how states legalize tax fraud.

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Whose money is it anyway?

Dan Hind explodes the self-righteous excuses of tax cheats.

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