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The duty to care for our common home

Femke Wijdekop makes the case for Ecocide to become a crime under international law.

Filed in: Climate Change, Environment and Politics

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Military fatigues and floral scarves

Rahila Gupta meets women fighters in Rojava who are leading the charge towards a radical democracy.

Filed in: Conflict, Politics, Syria, Terrorism and Women

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The Disrupted

Jim Thomas on the winners and losers of emerging technologies.

Filed in: Poverty, Technology and Wealth

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The energy fix

What will it take to get electricity to Africa’s rural poor? Ruth Nyambura explores.

Filed in: Africa, Energy and Poverty

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Switched on

Technology, whether low or high, needs to be appropriate and within reach to make a difference.

Filed in: Development (Aid), Poverty and Technology

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The Mekong River is not for sale!

The landscape, and the local peoples’ livelihood, have irrevocably changed, Gary Wockner reports in this photo essay.

Filed in: China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam

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Male baldness v malaria?

Simon Trace on the skewed priorities of medical research.

Filed in: Corporations, Development (Aid), Health and Medicine

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Mongolia’s dzud disaster

Plunging temperatures test the survival skills of the country’s nomadic herders, as this photo essay by Madoka Ikegami shows.

Filed in: Mongolia

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Mind the technology gap - the facts

Technology can be a big enabler – yet the difference in terms of what’s available to rich and poor is vast.

Filed in: Development (Aid), Poverty and Technology

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'Because the river told me'

Peasant farmers resisting the violence of agribusiness. By Nils McCune.

Filed in: Agriculture, Development (Aid), Poverty and Technology

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Technology as if people mattered*

The world’s poor are still losing out. They need a better deal, argues Dinyar Godrej.

Filed in: Development (Aid), Poverty and Technology

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