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Inside Unilever's sustainability myth

Company slogans and mantras claim it is getting closer to pair profit with sustainability, but facts and figures tell a very different story. Investigation by investigative journalism platform Investico.

Filed in: Indonesia, Netherlands and United Kingdom

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Whose truth is it anyway?

Swallowing the lies – or ‘alternative facts’ – of populist politicians is having profound consequences. NJ Enfield takes a fresh look at a potent old tradition – and suggests a way forward.

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Europe abandons the Roma in Italy

‘They are throwing us on the street like dogs,’ says one person. Catrinel Motoc reports.

Filed in: Italy

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The Establishment is not a viable candidate

The Trump shock shows that the same old same old is no longer an option. Jonathan Matthew Smucker on building the progressive alternative.

Filed in: United States


Is democracy in danger?

Rising distrust of politicians and parliaments, declining voter turnouts – these are now common trends in many established democracies. But is support for democracy itself ebbing away?

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Open Window

Pedro X Molina from Nicaragua with ‘American Honeymoon’.

Filed in: United States


Human rights in the Yemeni Civil War: a word with Radhya Almutawakel

The Yemeni human rights defender talks to Lydia Noon about Britain’s arms deals, drones and gender discrimination during the war.

Filed in: Yemen

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Amnesty: a win for Colombia's peace process?

Kimberley Brown meets Colombian human rights worker Liliany Obando, recently granted amnesty.

Filed in: Colombia

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The will of the people

Hardliners are thriving on popular disenchantment with politics. Dinyar Godrej on the challenge they pose.

Filed in: United Kingdom

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Dancing with fear

The story of rapper Luaty Beirão, who dares to talk democracy in Angola. By Marc Herzog.

Filed in: Angola

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Lofty ideas or just hot air?

New Internationalist presents an international basketful – or two – of ethical stances.

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