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Morning star rising

After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Danny Chivers investigates.

Filed in: Indonesia and West Papua

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The laws won’t work.

There is no country in the world that has a proud history of men making great laws about women’s bodies, writes Kate Smurthwaite.

Filed in: Women

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Western democracies set low standards as global media freedom declines

Trump and politicians in other democracies are normalising attacks on the press, warns Reporters Without Borders. By Alessio Perrone.

Filed in: Web exclusives

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When sanctuary is resistance

In the United States in the 1980s, the simple act of providing refuge became a form of civil disobedience, writes Mark Engler.

Filed in: Latin America, Refugees and United States

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Global babies: who benefits?

Surrogacy has become an international trade that needs tighter regulation, argues Miranda Davies.

Filed in: Children

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Is Arkansas’s execution parade justice or expedience?

Although it has been put on hold, Arkansas’ planned series of executions has raised again the issue of capital punishment, writes Robert Walsh.

Filed in: United States

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A second chance

Rebecca Cooke meets young women in Mozambique who are defying the odds and resisting child marriage.

Filed in: Mozambique

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A personal welcome

In Canada, private sponsors are paying refugees’ resettlement costs. But should such a scheme be replicated elsewhere? Sian Griffiths reports.

Filed in: Canada and Refugees

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The populist moment

Don’t just think of it as a dirty word, says Richard Swift; a genuine populism of the Left is long overdue.

Filed in: Society

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Mr Tough

The violence of the Duterte regime in the Philippines and the devotion of his fans, as witnessed by Iris C Gonzales.

Filed in: Philippines

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Inside Unilever's sustainability myth

Company slogans and mantras claim it is getting closer to pair profit with sustainability, but facts and figures tell a very different story. Investigation by investigative journalism platform Investico.

Filed in: Indonesia, Netherlands and United Kingdom

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