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Meet the volunteers breaking Ukraine's trauma taboo

Michiel Driebergen and Alex Masi tell the story of Ukranians providing much-needed psychological support in war-torn areas.

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Why are there still British military bases in Cyprus?

The island may want to determine its own future, but Britain and the US have other ideas. Darren Loucaides reports.

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‘We are ready’: why West Papuan independence isn't just a dream

What would a free West Papua look like? Independence leaders from the government-in-waiting lay out their visions for a free country.

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10 easy ways you can take action for West Papua

There are quick but important things we all can do to support the West Papuan freedom struggle.

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West Papuan voices from the ground

How does living under the occupation affect the lives of ordinary West Papuans? Veronica Koman spoke to five current residents of West Papua to hear their stories.

Filed in: Human Rights, Society and West Papua

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The drumbeat of West Papuan resistance

‘The struggle is in the song, and the song is in the struggle.’ West Papuan musician Ronny Kareni explains the vital role of Melanesian culture in the fight for freedom.

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Sacrifice Zone: BP, Freeport and the West Papuan independence struggle

Connor Woodman reveals the ties that bind transnational mining companies to the Indonesian occupation.

Filed in: Human Rights, Indonesia, Pollution and West Papua

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Is Brussels training human traffickers in Libya?

Human traffickers in Libya might be benefiting from a controversial EU training program worth millions. Karlos Zurutuza reports.

Filed in: Libya

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West Papua: the facts

Putting the most important information about West Papua at your fingertips.

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Morning star rising

After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Danny Chivers investigates.

Filed in: Indonesia and West Papua

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The laws won’t work.

There is no country in the world that has a proud history of men making great laws about women’s bodies, writes Kate Smurthwaite.

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