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Kenya 2013 Election Live!

On 4 March 2013, Kenyan voters went to the polls in a deeply polarized general election, seen as the most significant since liberation. Citizens were anxious to avoid a repeat of post-election violence that saw over 1,000 people killed five years ago.

To stay up to date with events on the ground, New Internationalist teamed up with Radar to channel updates and views from Kenyan citizen journalists reporting from all over the country, via SMS.

Kenya Votes: New Internationalist Blogs

A sigh of relief post-Kenya election

Although questions remain, including the possibility of a second-round run-off, Henry Owino says tension has lifted, thanks to a broadly peaceful vote.…

  • Tue Mar 12 09:45:00 2013

Kenya still deciding

Magnus Taylor reports from Nairobi on the long wait for results in the presidential election.…

  • Thu Mar 7 10:12:00 2013

Fight or flight?

Phoebe Matsika and Sidi Sarrow live in Kenya. One is leaving the country over safety fears, but the other is staying. Here’s why.

  • Fri Mar 01 16:27:00 2013

Seeking God’s help for peace

Henry Owino reports on a three-day long ceremony of repentance for the 2007-08 post-election violence, attended by six presidential candidates.…

  • Thu Feb 28 07:40:00 2013

The weakness in the media’s election coverage

In a country where political discourse is defined by ethnic group, Maina Waruru fears vernacular radio stations could be used to incite hate.…

  • Wed Feb 20 04:54:00 2013

Peaceniks use mobiles to cool election tempers

Moses Wasamu on initiatives to help prevent violence at the polls, including promoting peace via text message.…

  • Thu Feb 14 04:55:00 2013

Live debate shows potential of country's democracy

The polite deliberation between candidates could be a sign of a calmer country ahead of the March general election, writes Henry Owino.…

  • Wed Feb 13 11:23:00 2013

Risk of election violence ‘unacceptably high’

As the polls loom, Moses Wasamu outlines the implications of a fiercely contested vote, including candidates accused of crimes against humanity.…

  • Thu Feb 7 11:09:00 2013

Kenya Election Radar updates

@OnOurRadar are no longer live-tweeting the 2013 Kenyan election

Election Monitoring Map from Radar

See Radar's interactive map for a full breakdown of SMS reports by category - eg. ballot irregularities, peaceful voting or outbreaks of violence.

Vital Statistics

Visit our Kenya Country Profile (2010) for background on Kenya's social, economic and political make-up.

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