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After Ebola: The Hub

Citizen journalists report their stories of recovery in Sierra Leone

The world’s media extensively covered the Ebola crisis at its peak, but over time, the epidemic’s impact on communities in West Africa has fallen off the news agenda.

After Ebola picks up the story where the world left off.

New Internationalist teamed up with media advocates On Our Radar for this unique collaboration with citizen reporters.

Their stories reveal Ebola's lasting impacts on friendship, community and the ties that bind us to one another.

The Back in Touch digital feature and Love in the Time of Ebola magazine were made possible by an Innovation in Development Reporting grant from the European Journalism Centre.

Explore our interactive digital feature 'Back in Touch' in collaboration with On Our Radar which tells the stories of life after Ebola

Interactive digital feature: Back in touch

Narrated by citizen journalists and drawing from the experiences of ordinary Sierra Leoneans, Back in Touch offers an intimate window into how communities cope with, and process, an epidemic.

We're proud to announce that we were highly commended for this web documentary at the Association for International Broadcasting awards in November. Judges praised the 'intricate, fascinating and unvarnished stories', which were produced by citizen journalists in partnership with On Our Radar. View full screen.

The magazine: Love in the time of Ebola

Did we learn the right lessons?

Ebola is not a new disease – it’s been around since 1976 – so why did over 11,000 West Africans die 2014-16? Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola? Hazel Healy takes a critical look at the humanitarian response and meets the people working to rebuild. Read this magazine's keynote article.

Read more from the citizen reporters just below.

Citizen reporters tell their stories of recovery

For better or worse

For better or worse

Mamie Lebbi, the first woman to test positive for Ebola, describes how she survived in the bush with her husband’s help Read more.

'I speak for the girls'

'I speak for the girls'

Elizabeth Katta talks about the lingering impacts of teenage pregnancy, which spiked during Ebola. Read more.

Gangsters turn mobilizers

'These are the boys who fought Ebola!'

The Tripoli Boys kicked Ebola out of their neighbourhood. Amjata Bayoh and Mohamed S Camara find out what happened next. Read more.

'Everything is on my shoulders'

'Everything is on my shoulders'

Serah Tomba went from being a student to sole carer of seven orphans. Read more.

Love without touch

Love without touch

Bankolay Turay’s story of student romance on ice. Read more.

Where my father lies

Where my father lies

Mariama B Jalloh’s quest to find her father’s resting place among the unmarked graves of those lost to Ebola in Sierra Leone. Read more.

Photo gallery

People in Sierra Leone are still living with the consequences of the most deadly outbreak of Ebola in history. Through images, we look at out how they are coping, two years on. By Hazel Healy. View gallery.

After Ebola

Ebola - the facts

Click the image to view our zoomable infograph about the spread of Ebola through West Africa.

Ebola - the facts

In depth

Why did the market fail to produce a vaccine?

Why did the market fail to produce an Ebola vaccine?

Mustapha Dumbaya, lost 47 relatives in the outbreak. He explores why dysfunctional R&D is letting down those people who need it most. Read more.

The citizen reporters

The story from those who lived through it

Why did the market fail to produce an Ebola vaccine?

The world’s media obsessed over Ebola at its peak. But what happened next? Paul Myles introduces the Sierra Leonean citizen reporters who stayed with the story. Read more.

The videos

New Internationalist teamed up with On Our Radar to produce the interactive feature Back in Touch. In this powerful collection of videos, citizen journalists’ tell their stories of loss, love and reconnection in post-Ebola Sierra Leone. View them through this playlist:

Other links

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Local citizen reporter voices from the heart of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. Visit the hub.

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June 2016, Issue 493

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