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New Internationalist COP21 live hub
New Internationalist Paris COP21 magazine cover
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What was this ‘hub’?

In November and December 2015, we covered the real story of the Paris COP21 climate talks — from inside the UN talks and on the streets – reporting the voices and perspectives that the mainstream media usually ignore and giving majority world voices more space to be heard.

Those thanked here helped to make this happen by contributing to our first ever crowdfunder. With their help we sent two New Internationalist reporters and a filmmaker to the Paris negotiations to report.

About us: New Internationalist has been reporting from the frontline of the struggle for global justice for over 40 years.

Thanks crowdfunding buddies

A big thank you to all 272 backers who made this possible by donating to our crowdfunder!

Inside the talks

COP21 agreed to a climate-changed world

Recognition of global warming is one thing; taking genuine action is another, writes Nnimmo Bassey.

Why we should feel positive about Paris

Though the deal was a dud, this was no Copenhagen, argue Jess Worth and Danny Chivers.

Paris deal: Epic fail on a planetary scale

The Paris Agreement is being hailed as a great success. But will it deliver climate justice? Danny Chivers and Jess Worth put it to the test.

In final hours thoughts turn to look at what ‘winning’ looks like in Paris

As rich countries declare ‘ambition’ while racing to weaken the text, some climate justice campaigners are turning their backs on the COP21 negotiations, reports Morgan Curtis.

Latest agreement at Paris climate talks ‘nowhere close to good enough’

Yet another draft Paris agreement was released Wednesday, and was immediately renounced by civil society, Adam Greenberg reports.

Will Paris promises lead to catastrophic warming?

The ‘high ambition coalition’ is really about undermining developing world groups, argues Nick Dearden.

More stories...

From the streets

Thumbnail for story: The first to fight, the first to die

Global South struggles against climate change need to be placed at the heart of our campaigns, writes Samir Dathi.

Sámi grassroots fight for indigenous rights in Paris

The Sámi are the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia and were in Paris with other indigenous to fight for climate justice. Ragnhild Freng Dale explains.

Paris D12 and redlines: updates

New Internationalist followed the ‘D12’ and ‘redlines’ actions, as people amplified their voices for climate justice.

From frontlines to redlines: photo gallery

This New Internationalist photo gallery presents events from frontline struggles against climate change during the Paris climate talks.

Two good days when crimes against nature were exposed

An extraordinary gathering of frontline communities in Paris has been presenting evidence of crimes against nature. Nigerian poet and activist Nnimmo Bassey reports.

What does COP21 loss and damage mean in human terms?

Visiting Paris from Gambia, Saiba Suso explains the politics and euphemisms that climate negotiators use and that conceal how the talks impact lives.

The bigger picture

‘We need social ownership and democratic control of energy’

Tabby Spence explores the role of trade unionists in the climate-justice movement.

COP21 and the invisible jungle of Calais

Cherri Foytlin meets refugees directly affected by climate change.

What’s hot and what’s not at Paris #COP21

Things and people that made us smile - and that raised our ire during the Paris climate talks.

21st century COP out

A brief illustrated history of the climate negotiations by cartoonist Kate Evans.

At COP21, the people and future generations will be failed once again

The Paris Agreement shows how powerful nations have imposed their will at the climate negotiations, writes Clemente Bautista.

Avaaz greenwashes Paris climate agreement

Avaaz is triumphant, but the Paris Agreement promotes the kind of policies that have failed us so far, write Marienna Pope-Weidemann and Samir Dathi.

Coal’s hidden ‘double whammy’

As climate negotiators in Paris release their final text agreement, millions of hectares of forest are still threatened by coal mining, warns Saskia Ozinga.

The Global Village for the Alternative

Activists in Paris are laying out inspiring visions for a fair and sustainable future – with the help of 196 stolen bank chairs, writes Samir Dathi.

Africa’s green, clean, sustainable future

Development in the industrialized world has come at a high price, writes Mohamed Adow.

We are going backwards, COP21 is the opposite of progress

Naomi Klein speaks with Frank Barat about the limits of the Paris climate talks.

The truth behind the Paris climate deal

Rolling news


The climate conference and the corporate lobbyists dressed in green

Polluters have been given pride of place at COP21, right next to the national delegations, from openDemocracy.

Thousands Defy Paris State of Emergency, Protest Ban to Sound the Alarm on Global Climate Crisis

A major rally in Paris on the eve of the U.N. climate summit was cancelled after authorities banned public protests in the aftermath of this month’s Islamic State terror attacks. But on Sunday, tens of thousands of people formed a human chain stretching for blocks., from Democracy Now!.


Naomi Klein criticises protest restrictions at Paris climate talks

Activist says authorities have ‘handed a megaphone to the corporations and taken the megaphone away from the social movements’.

Global Leaders Fight for New 1.5 Degrees Warming Target at COP21 Climate Talks

A coalition of vulnerable countries is pushing the global community to adopt a new 1.5 degree global warming target at the ongoing climate talks in Paris, from DESMOGUK.


Climate Technofix: Weaving Carbon into Gold and Other Myths of 'negative emissions'

When the IPCC published their most recent fifth assessment report, something surprising and deeply disturbing was lurking in the small print, from Independent Science News.

Big energy and revolving doors: a hothouse for climate change.

Corporate Europe Observatory’s new report on how the energy industry is shaping EU policy.

Climate talks timeline: what happened when?

Explore further

COP21: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Birgitta Jonsdottir, the Icelandic Pirate Party Parliamentarian, shares impressions about her visit to France during the climate negotiations.

Geoengineering: a boon for big business not the environment

A pro-corporate spin underpins the euphemisms used in the climate negotiations, writes Jeremy Tager.

People’s Parliament: Stories for Change

My family home is on Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga. For me, climate justice is about protecting my family and where we come from, writes Joseph-Zane Sikulu.

‘Recognizing our rights to live in our forests is part of the solution to climate change’

Justin Kenrick meets with Sengwer community's Yator Kiptum and Milka Chepkorir about the meaning of climate justice..

Will COP21 leave ‘loss and damage’ lost and damaged?

Developed countries are determined to undermine any remnant commitment to justice in this process. Morgan Curtis reports.

Thumbnail for story: Art, oil and arrests in Paris

Hundreds protested against oil sponsorship at the Louvre and ten were arrested. Jess Worth was in the thick of the action.

Climate justice means energy democracy

No matter the outcome of COP21, London moves forward with campaign for local power, writes Adriana Swain.

Women on the frontlines of climate change at COP21 and beyond

Women are rising up across the globe to say, ‘we are not just victims, we are the solution!’, writes Osprey Orielle Lake.

Darkening the White Heart of the Climate Movement

At London’s climate march, the ‘Wretched of the Earth’ bloc, were supposed to lead but the march’s organizers changed their minds. Joshua Virasami and Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert were there.…

Myth: Fossil fuels are more economically viable than renewables

Dinyar Godrej busts the myth wide open...

Which way after Paris Agreement?

La Via Campesina’s agro-ecology and food sovereignty offers one possible path toward climate justice, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann in part one of this two part series.

The right to live and climate justice

Justin Kenrick meets with Sengwer community’s Yator Kiptum and Milka Chepkorir about the meaning of climate justice.

Infograph: A rebel’s guide to Paris

New Internationalist
Click the image for our zoomable infograph.

No-Nonsense Video with Danny Chivers

Magazine cover

Paris climate summit

The Paris climate talks are looming. What, if anything, can we hope for? One thing is certain - the summit will not deliver a plan to avert climate disaster. But we must hang on for the ride. This issue, Jess Worth and Danny Chivers look at what’s on the table at COP21, and talk to grassroots organizers looking beyond Paris.

November 2015, Issue 487

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