Issue 547 of New Internationalist

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January-February 2024

Climate Capitalism

The energy transition has arrived – or at least, the material impacts of green technologies have, along with fantastic amounts of hot air from corporations keen to big up their contributions.

In this issue, we examine the changes that are taking shape, and how the new economy is replicating the exploitative practices of the old one. And we ask what it would take to build something better and tackle climate change head-on.

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South Africa

In this issue

Trees and a waterfloor under a roof. People walk below and sit on benches.

The big story

Green face, old tricks

A new energy economy has arrived, and it’s a bonanza for corporations. Nick Dowson looks at the downsides of the current transition paradigm.

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The El Dorado of energy

Hamza Hamouchene looks at how a new green colonialism is unfolding across the Middle East and North Africa.

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Green Colonialism - THE FACTS

The race for green hydrogen and carbon credits.

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Held to ransom

Greenland’s government said no to mining and now a spurned company wants its pound of flesh. Sebastian Skov Andersen reports.

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‘Some things are priceless’

Juliet Ferguson of Investigate Europe takes a look at the tensions and contradictions of the EU’s policies to secure rare earths and critical minerals.

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Transition mining – infographic

How big is the demand for green tech minerals? And how does it compare to fossil fuel extraction?

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Trade colonialism, again

European policies to procure raw materials for the transition are following in the footsteps of previous exploitative dynamics, report Luciana Ghiotto, Bettina Müller and Lucía Barcena.

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How to end eco-apartheid

Climate capitalism is continuing ecological and social destruction, but clothed in new green robes. Vijay Kolinjivadi argues for tearing down the structures that are maintaining the status quo.

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Three Djirri Djirri Dancers perform, holding small branches. In the background people hold signs and placards and there is also a mural of faces painted on on a building.


West Bank: Settler rampage

Following Israel’s invasion of Gaza, it’s open season in the West Bank.

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Silencing solidarity

Israel‘s domestic crackdown.

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24 hours in a Gaza hospital

Wafa Al-Udaini reports from al-Aqsa Hospital as the wounded continue to pour in.

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Energy warfare

Collective punishment in Kurdistan.

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Nomads uprooted

Militarization threatening the way of life for Ladakh’s Changpa nomads.

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Introducing: Wab Kinew

Manitoba residents have elected the Canadian province’s first ever First Nations premier.

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Cold-hearted no

Australia’s Voice referendum: What’s next?

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Saviour or failure?

Haiti braces itself for another foreign intervention.

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A woman sips traditional mate infusion during a Frente Amplio political rally in Canelones


Country Profile: Uruguay

Uruguay remains distinctive in Latin America for the robustness of its  democracy since the end of military rule.

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Cartoon History: The Luddite Rebellions

Polyp charts the 19th century textile worker rebellions in graphic form.

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Southern Exposure

Erika Piñeros captures an evocative image of a gambling house in the coca hinterlands of Colombia.

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Temperature Check

Are heat pumps the low-impact saviours or a load of hot air? Danny Chivers asks.

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The Interview

Ghanaian activist Abiba Nibaradun speaks to Anna Scott about how she stops child marriage.

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Hall of Infamy – Dina Bolourte

Peru’s unelected leader: architect of her own rise, or an instrument of the rightwing elite?

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Agony Uncle

What should I do about racist or sexist family members over the holidays?

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What if…

We had a right to public transport? Conrad Landin jumps on the bandwagon

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Illustration of a man wearing a suit juggles with money. Behind him is a city skyline and in front of him is a press printing money.


View from India

Quotas for the number of women in parliament must be more than a gimmick, argues Nilanjana Bhowmick.

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Quantitative Easing and its aftermath

The unconventional monetary policy has disguised government spending powers and siphoned off billions to banks, argues Richard Murphy.

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View from Africa

Rosebell Kagumire explores why Global Majority thinkers and activists have been unafraid to stand with Palestine.

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View from Brazil

The Amazon’s drought must lead to questions over the future of the country’s oil industry, argues Leonardo Sakamoto.

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A man crouches on top of a felled tree trunk.


Wood-fired war

Tilda Kämmlein reports on how the illegal trade in timber is fuelling a long running conflict in Senegal.

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The Long Read – ‘They want to erase us’

Sophie Neiman speaks to the people putting everything on the line to overturn a harsh anti-gay law.

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A girl looks at birthday calendars as they are lit by someone standing behind her.

Mixed media

Books essay

Radicals and Rogues by Lottie Whalen.
Rachel Boyd on a valuable account of women artists in early 20th century New York City.

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Book Reviews

If We Burn by Vincent Bevins; Mick Lynch by Gregor Gall; Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright; Between Meals by AJ Liebling.

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Film Reviews

Every Body, written and directed by Julie Cohen; Tótem, written and directed by Lila Avilés.

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Music Reviews

Dominique Dalcan, Last Night a Woman Saved My Life; Women in Revolt.

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Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur tells Subi Shah about his latest project – and why we should consume less.

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