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Issue 537 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

May-June 2022

How we stop Big Oil

If you believed the greenwash you might think the world’s corporates were on the brink of the change needed to save our climate. Yet emissions are still rising, air pollution is still killing, and Big Oil is continuing to trample on communities as it pumps its deadly wares. Meanwhile our pain is CEOs’ gain as energy prices soar. What will it take to build a better energy system?

This magazine explores how we got here, the communities and campaigners at the sharp edge of the struggle, and how we can fight the industry to leave fossil fuels behind.


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Included in this issue

Hundreds of billboards and bus stops – like this one in Brighton, England – have been hacked by activists across Europe as part of the call to #BanFossilAds and stop greenwashing. DESIGN: NOEL DOUGLAS/INSTALLATION: BRANDALISM

Can we banish polluters from billboards?

Is it time we banned ads from greenwashing fossil fuel companies? Danny Chivers has some answers.

Hall of infamy: Joe Manchin

The US Republicans’ favourite democrat.

What if…we said ‘no’ to concrete?

The world is turning grey as more and more concrete is poured. Vanessa Baird posits an alternative.

War and the attention economy

Why do so many devastating wars quickly disappear from public consciousness? Nanjala Nyabola examines our attention.
Some Indian men are threatening a marriage strike for a most dubious reason. Nilanjana Bhowmick tells them to bring it on.

Bring on the marriage strike

Some Indian men are threatening a marriage strike for a most dubious reason. Nilanjana Bhowmick tells them to bring it on.

Racism’s deadly cycle

Leonardo Sakamoto on his country's lethal pattern of racism.

Slapped down

The rich and powerful are using ruinous lawsuits to target journalists and activists who hold them to account. Tina Burrett...
A shopkeeper in Dushanbe with his collection of Soviet paraphernalia for sale.

The dragon and the bear on the roof of the world

Cash-strapped but strategically important, Tajikistan is undergoing rapid change with its future increasingly being shaped by a...
Unstoppable: Celebrating Pride in central Istanbul on 30 June 2019, despite the ban on the event. MURAD SEZER/REUTERS/ALAMY

‘As long as the world keeps running, we’ll be here’

Branded as terrorists by President Erdoğan’s hardline regime, LGBTQI+ people in Turkey are finding ways to express themselves...

Please continue to not sponsor this child

Kathleen Nolan examines a simplistic non-solution to complex problems.
A group of people stand on steps, outside, holding large cut-out hands with messages calling for action on the climate.

Is it too late to stop climate collapse?

The theory of ‘deep adaptation’ is rapidly gaining support. Richard Swift assesses how far, if anywhere, it will take us and...
4 book covers

The alternative book review

Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateau and Amy Hall review the latest releases in radical publishing.

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