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Issue 536 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

March-April 2022

Jailbreak: reimagining justice

Despite pouring billions of dollars into increasingly militarized police forces and groaning prison systems, they are not keeping us safe. So, what could the world look like without them? In this edition we explore the long-standing, but often misunderstood, movement that seeks to abolish prisons, police and the systems that support them, while making them obsolete in the process. We hear from people around the world who are putting abolition into action by daring to think differently about justice.


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Included in this issue

β€˜Is it acceptable for a white child to wear a sari?’

Our Agony Uncle gives some advice.
A woman in protective clothing kneels down and searches for explosive ordnance

Feel the fear and carry on

In Iraq a growing number of women are now doing the dangerous work of removing landmines – previously a male preserve. Adrian...
Various items dropping into an item of machinery to be mixed together. The items include cash notes, a Conservative Party rossette and a pram

The politics of futility

Our deep desire for change is continually thwarted by the limiting political choices on offer. Political theorist and...
Silvia Moreno-Garcia headshot

Spotlight: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Novelist Silvia Moreno-Garcia pushes back against the stereotypes associated with Latin American culture. By Graeme Green.

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