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Issue 536 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

March-April 2022

Jailbreak: reimagining justice

Despite pouring billions of dollars into increasingly militarized police forces and groaning prison systems, they are not keeping us safe. So, what could the world look like without them? In this edition we explore the long-standing, but often misunderstood, movement that seeks to abolish prisons, police and the systems that support them, while making them obsolete in the process. We hear from people around the world who are putting abolition into action by daring to think differently about justice.


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Included in this issue

Swapsies: Nigerian artist Lukas Osarobo-Okoro, photographed outside the British Museum in London. Osarobo-Okoro and the Ahiamwen Guild of Benin have offered to donate new artworks to the institution. DYLAN MARTINEZ/ALAMY

Stolen treasures

Taken during a violent British raid, the Benin bronzes have sat in Western museums and private collections for over a century....
A woman and her children walking along a street in Ocho Rios. Tim Smith/Panos

Country profile: Jamaica

First came the Spanish, then the British, and then the austerity measures of the IMF. Christina Ivey on the Caribbean nation...

Hall of infamy

Jair Bolsonaro: viciousness and vulgarity in Brazil. 

Antoinette Nikolova: ‘It is a scary time for us journalists.’

The Bulgarian journalist is director of the Balkan Free Media Initiative, created in April 2021 to monitor and campaign for the...

Cartoon history: Asma Jahangir

ILYA sketches the uplifting life-story of an inspirational legal defender of the rights of women and religious minorities in...

What if…we took degrowth seriously?

Ditching planet-popping expansion for justice is a vision worth getting behind, says Dinyar Godrej.

Introducing...Iris Xiomara Castro Sarmiento

Could social reformer Iris Xiomara Castro overturn Honduras’ reputation for authoritarian governance and corruption? Richard...

Taking back the streets

A message to the powers that be in Buenos Aires  – with a song and a dance. Virginia Tognola joins in.

No laughing matter

Laughter has become a risky business, observes Nilajana Bhowmick.

The gathering storm

Leo Sakamoto laments the dawn of the climate era – and worries for the fate of the most vulnerable.
Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive from Turkey to Skala Sykamias, Lesbos island, Greece. Volunteers (life rescue team - with yellow-red clothes) from the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms help the refugees. Ggia/WikiCommons

Migration: Europe’s Achilles’ heel

Europe’s moral imagination does not go as far as ensuring the safe movement of people, writes Nanjala Nyabola.
In South Africa, activists are challenging Shell’s drilling plans along the country’s eastern coastline. MIKE HUTCHINGS/REUTERS/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

The ultimate 2022 climate to-do list

What will be the definitive climate struggles of 2022? Danny Chivers shares global activists’ to do list.

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