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Romani lives matter

Despite centuries of shared history, Europe continues to marginalize and oppress its Romani citizens with very little pushback. This edition explores why, taking as its starting point the death of a Romani man in police custody in the Czech Republic earlier this year. But you will also read compelling stories of resilience – and resistance. In Glasgow, for example, the organization Roma Lav is building cross-community solidarity. So, be incensed, be enraged – but be inspired too. Elsewhere in this edition, Kasturi Chakraborty shines a spotlight on the brutal treatment of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, while author Isabel Allende speaks of the power of fiction to teach us about our history.


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Included in this issue

How British colonizers caused the Bengal famine

Jason Hickel shines a different light on a catastrophe that killed three million Indians.
Ladi (left), pictured with a relative, a Congolese  Mavrovouni resident is feeling the pressure. SEBASTIAN SKOV ANDERSEN

Rule of silence

A hard-line regime in Greek refugee camps is making life harder for the migrants within them, as well as aid workers who want...
Solidarity from the street: a march takes place in Ramallah, West Bank in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike against their administrative detention by Israel. AHMAD AL-BAZZ/ACTIVESTILLS

Prisoners of occupation

Palestinians continue to be brutalized in Israeli jails, despite international criticism. Kasturi Chakraborty speaks to...

Hall of infamy: Mamady Doumbouya

Mamady Doumbouya, the latest snout at Guinea’s trough.
Farmers in India have led the way restoring soils and boosting yields. JAKE LYELL/ALAMY

Soil – the climate fix that COP forgot

Danny Chivers digs into a major Indian farming project that pulls carbon from the air – and increases yields for farmers.

What if…we took money out of politics?

Frank Formby shares his vision for better representation.
Yinka Shonibare sits in a wheelchair smiling

Spotlight: Yinka Shonibare

The acclaimed – and playful – sculptor Yinka Shonibare impresses on Subi Shah his love for cultural exchange.
A green bench next to a path in a park of trees and grass

From fear to romance in Nairobi’s parks

Nanjala Nyabola on how Nairobi’s young lovers have claimed the city’s public spaces.

Letter from Buenos Aires

Everyday corruption is a shock to the system for Virginia Tognola.
Isabel Allende stands with her arms folded in front of shelves of books and photos

The interview: Isabel Allende

Graeme Green speaks to the Chilean author about her inspiration and the power of fiction as a useful history teacher.
Illustration: someone with short hair holds their head in their hand as they look at a to do list

'I'm worried I'll burn out if others don't step up'

If you’re the only one pulling your weight in an activist group, is it time to step away? Our Agony Uncle gives some advice.
Women stand in a row holding hands in the air

Taking on the torch-bearers of patriarchy

A growing number of women are going against the stream in India, writes Nilanjana Bhowmick.

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