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Issue 533 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

September-October 2021

Who gets to eat?

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through our food system. Hunger is growing throughout the world in communities already battling climate change, conflict and poverty.

Yet we produce more than enough food to feed the world.

This magazine investigates the far-reaching inequalities in our global food system, and asks: who gets to eat – who doesn’t – and how do we fix it?

The edition concludes our year-long Food Justice files.


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Included in this issue

Protesters against the US trade embargo on Cuba drive past the US Embassy in Havana in a motorcade, 28 March 2021. ALEXANDRE MENEGHINI/REUTERS

Cuba’s crossroads

The Castros are no longer in charge. Will Miguel Díaz-Canel, their hand-picked successor, wield a new broom of change? Wayne...

Temperature check

Fungus, fire and falling prices. Danny Chivers does a round-up of climate news.

Is criminalization the right response to domestic violence?

Are legal punishments an effective way to tackle domestic violence, or are they failing to go to the heart of the problem? ...

Slavery beef, anyone?

From slavery to mass deforestation, Leonardo Sakamoto highlights the devastating impact of cattle ranching in Brazil.

Singled out

Sex worker activists are under attack in Kyrgyzstan, writes Lauren Crosby Medlicott.

Suspending pandemic reality

Exasperated at politicians, Nanjala Nyabola reflects on the disastrous consequences of poor leadership in a pandemic. 

The oxygen gap

Nilanjana Bhowmick on oxygen inequity and the price paid by her country’s citizens.

Vaccine hopes and fears

The complications of the vaccine rollout in the Philippines are myriad, Iris Gonzales finds.

Pressure on Putin

Putin piles on the political pressure in Russia.

Colombia: iron fist

Carole Concha Bell on Iván Duque’s ‘cosmetic’ police reform.

Introducing...Pedro Castillo

Richard Swift paints a mixed picture of Peru’s unlikely choice for president. 
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Hall of infamy: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Welcome to the US Congress member’s alternative Far Right universe.

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