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Issue 530 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

March-April 2021

Democracy on the edge

Disinformation. Polarization. And flat denial of election results. Democracy seems to be in trouble today. But are these death throes - or perhaps growing pains?


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Included in this issue

Hadiya, in the red dress, appears at the Supreme Court in New Delhi to defend her marriage to her Muslim husband Shafin in one of India’s alleged ‘love jihad’ cases. Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty

Love and other conspiracies

Laxmi Murthy reports on the theory of ‘love jihad’ that is sweeping across India.

Summon the artists

Art is essential to building a better future, writes Nanjala Nyabola.
Not green, in fact: The Petra Nova CSS facility (pictured above) captured carbon from a coal plant in Texas, US... and used the CO2 to boost production at the West Ranch oil field, via a 130-kilometre pipeline. REUTERS/TRISH BADGER

Carbon capture – still a pipe dream?

Danny Chivers weighs up the evidence on carbon-capture technologies and finds them wanting.
Malawi Citizens’ Assembly member Daudi Amidu, a merchant trader, dances alongside fellow participants as they take a pause from considering ways to improve local spending rules in Salima South, Lake Malawi. MADALITSO BANDA/ALL HANDS ON

Defibrillating democracy

A kickstart for a habitable future. Claire Mellier and Rich Wilson make the case for citizens’ assemblies.

Barefoot surgeons

In the absence of enough trained doctors, reliance on other, less-qualified health workers is growing in the Global South....
Bezos has a net worth higher than the individual GDPs of 141 of the world’s countries.

Hall of infamy: Jeff Bezos

Why bully boy Bezos can’t stop smirking.
A mural featuring a pro-Trump protester, self-styled QAnon ‘shaman’ Jacob Chansley, appeared in Tunbridge Wells, UK, a few days after the storming of the US Congress in Washington on 6 January. KARWAI TANG/WIREIMAGE/GETTY

Democracy on the edge

Unloved and under threat from several sides, democracy seems to be in peril. Should it be saved – or helped to change? Vanessa...
A 'Women United Against Bolsonaro' solidarity demonstration in London, 2018. Credit: Esdras Beleza/Flickr

View from Brazil

While Argentina wins abortion rights, in Brazil even a pregnant 10-year-old is threatened and coerced to give birth, writes...

Spirited Away

Violeta Santos Moura’s poignant photo essay reveals the tragedy of Nepal's human-trafficking crisis – and the courage of those...
Chef Fatmata Binta puts the ingredient fonio – a  nutritious, gluten-free and fibre-rich grain – centrestage in  her Fulani Kitchen in Ghana

Freedom food

Rebel chefs are on a mission to decolonize diets across sub-Saharan Africa. Kareem Arthur goes in search of new ingredients.

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