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Democracy on the edge

Disinformation. Polarization. And flat denial of election results. Democracy seems to be in trouble today. But are these death throes - or perhaps growing pains?


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The space invaders

Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips talks about our need for privacy in a digital age.
Conspiracy theorist graffiti alleging terrorism behind the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster of 2013, pictured in Montreal. Credit: Cold, Indrid/Flickr

How to talk with conspiracy theorists

Vanessa Baird offers some nifty tips in tackling a growing problem.
Activists in New York City protest against the influence of ‘dark money’ from the billionaire Koch brothers on many areas of political decision-making, including healthcare. ERIK MCGREGOR /SIPA USA/PA IMAGES

Dark money

It twists and corrupts democracy in hidden ways. Peter Geoghegan explores the murky world of think tanks and billionaire...

How we are gulled

Propaganda and media expert Peter Pomerantsev on tackling disinformation and the power of the digital platforms. 

The interview: Michael Fakhri

Michael Fakhri, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, has a bold vision for a trade system that reflects how people...
andy carter illustration

What if…we banned the intensive farming of animals?

Hazel Healy imagines an end to cheap meat.

Saving the Sundarbans

Nilanjana Bhowmick on the double whammy of natural disaster and Covid-19 that has brought a vulnerable ecosystem to the brink.
Hadiya, in the red dress, appears at the Supreme Court in New Delhi to defend her marriage to her Muslim husband Shafin in one of India’s alleged ‘love jihad’ cases. Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty

Love and other conspiracies

Laxmi Murthy reports on the theory of ‘love jihad’ that is sweeping across India.

Summon the artists

Art is essential to building a better future, writes Nanjala Nyabola.
Not green, in fact: The Petra Nova CSS facility (pictured above) captured carbon from a coal plant in Texas, US... and used the CO2 to boost production at the West Ranch oil field, via a 130-kilometre pipeline. REUTERS/TRISH BADGER

Carbon capture – still a pipe dream?

Danny Chivers weighs up the evidence on carbon-capture technologies and finds them wanting.
Malawi Citizens’ Assembly member Daudi Amidu, a merchant trader, dances alongside fellow participants as they take a pause from considering ways to improve local spending rules in Salima South, Lake Malawi. MADALITSO BANDA/ALL HANDS ON

Defibrillating democracy

A kickstart for a habitable future. Claire Mellier and Rich Wilson make the case for citizens’ assemblies.

Barefoot surgeons

In the absence of enough trained doctors, reliance on other, less-qualified health workers is growing in the Global South....

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