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Issue 527 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

September-October 2020

Covid-19: Lessons from the pandemic

It's hard to talk of any good that might come of the collective tragedy of Covid-19. But it has taught us important lessons on almost every topic you care to mention – equality, health, ecology, democracy, economics, surveillance, food security... Will we seize the moment to take note? 


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Included in this issue

Photo: Michelle Kinney

‘My best jokes come from moments that have angered me’

US-Palestinian comedian Maysoon Zayid talks to Subi Shah about acting, politics, race and breaking out as a disabled performer.
Illustration by Sarah John

Letter from Johannesburg

Green medicine: Yewande Omotoso’s apartment is slowly being taken over by plants, much to her delight.
A student takes part in the September 2019 Global Climate Strike in Kolkata, India. SOPA IMAGES LIMITED/ALAMY

Green and just

How to finance a Green New Deal that is truly global? Fadhel Kaboub has a proposal that builds in colonial and climate...
Lanaré Sévi/WikiCommons

Safeguarding without snooping

Nick Dowson explores options for monitoring people in the interest of public health while respecting their privacy.
A car cleaner in Monrovia, Liberia. Informal workers have been hardest hit by lockdown measures. TOMMY E TRENCHARD/ALAMY

A human story

Economies in a tailspin will need a different vision to steady them, believes Dinyar Godrej.
Make them pay action at COP25, Madrid. Credit: Victor Barro/FoEI

5 polluters making the pandemic pay

Amy Hall gives a rundown of some of the companies and industries who have ramped up their ruinous activities during Covid-19.
(c) Kumail Rizvi

Hunger: the facts

A data dive into global trends explores how rising malnourishment co-exists with overabundance and waste.
Garment workers are seen at their desks during a shift in a clothing plant in Bangladesh. Photo : Marcel Crozet / ILO

Can workers reset the system?

Tansy Hoskins on how garment makers could be better protected in future.
Photo: Fifaliana-Joy/Pixabay

Kids locked up

Amy Hall speaks to the campaigners leading the call against childhood incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

The radical book review

Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateu, and Vanessa Baird weigh up the latest releases in progressive publishing.

Country profile: Palestine

Curfews, routine raids and land-grabs. Zoe Holman on what has become of the fragmented Occupied Palestinian Territories’...
Photo: Craven Mupenda/Girl Effect

‘Young people in our country need care and support to thrive’

Flavia Mutamutega, Rwanda’s sole agony aunt for adolescent girls, tells Veronique Mistiaen about the problems that preoccupy...

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