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Who owns the sea?

The romance of the freedom of the seas is so potent that a question like ‘Who owns the sea?’ might seem absurd. But as this edition’s Big Story shows, it is of profound relevance in times of accelerated resource grabbing, militarization of the seas, plastics pollution and climate destruction. And so is the follow-on question: ‘How can we save the sea?’


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Included in this issue

What we cannot avoid

Jeremy Seabrook on the virulent nostalgias which obscure an essential conflict – how to reconcile the needs of the planet with...

Raja Shehadeh on Israel's memory and the Nakba

Peter Whittaker speaks to writer, lawyer and human rights activist Raja Shehadeh about the politics of memory in Palestine and...

Why is public money propping up fossil fuels?

Danny Chivers unpacks how the public purse continues to subsidize extractive industry.

A numbers game

Enrolment does not equal education, argues Nilanjana Bhowmick.

The domestic workers resisting slavery in Lebanon

Roshan De Stone and David Suber report from Beirut on the domestic worker-led campaign against coercive bosses.

Can the European Union be reformed?

Almost everyone agrees that the EU needs to be reformed. But is it possible? Hilary Wainwright and Grace Blakeley take sides.

The idolatry of Sérgio Moro

Leonardo Sakomoto on Brazil's top judge who became vigilante – and then ‘God’

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