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Building a new internationalism

When New Internationalist was founded in the 1970s, the world was divided into three camps: capitalist, communist and non-alligned. For the latter group, also called the Third World, internationalism was a way of making the world more equal. It took all sorts of forms, from Che Guevara travelling to Africa to help foment revolution to the establishment of United Nation's Committee on Trade and Development by 77 poor countries.


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Included in this issue

Agony uncle: is my brother exploiting his partner?

A reader asks Agony Uncle how to confront a sibling's asymmetric, and inequitable relationship.

What if:...we scrapped the gender binary on official documents?

Vanessa Baird suggests a world beyond M or F

Mixed media: music

Louise Gray reviews the latest music releases by Songs of Our Native Daughters and Ibibio Sound Machine.

The new daughters of Africa

With the release of New Daughters of Africa, editor Margaret Busby explains why the collection – 25 years after Daughters of...

The interview: Slavoj Žižek

The Slovenian philosopher, sociologist and cultural critic speaks to Graeme Green about losing control, Twitter, Trump and a...

Are oil companies losing their social license?

As opposition to fossil-fuel sponsorship grows, arts institutions funded by big oil are looking increasingly out of touch....

Is vegan activism too confrontational?

Is challenging members of the public with the reality of animal suffering and slaughter counterproductive? Vegans Chris...

The promise of a ‘New International Economic Order’

What has become of the ‘Third World’? Featuring Vijay Prashad and Thomas Sankara.

¿Hasta siempre?

After Bolsonaro's withdrawal of 11,000 Cuban doctors from Brazil, Sujatha Fernandes asks how viable the Cuban model of global...

Kenya’s refugee reporters

Sally Hayden reports on a fully independent, refugee-run news outlet in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya

Cartoon History: The Incorruptible Macli-ing Dulag

The story of Filipino elder Macli-ing Dulag, who led the struggle against the Chico Dam, as told by ILYA (with Yohann Koshy).

Mixed media: books

Peter Whittaker and Vanessa Baird review the latest releases in radical publishing. 

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