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Trade in turmoil: A chance for justice?

There was a time when trade was a slow-moving tanker of a topic – what we, at New Internationalist, would call a ‘solid development issue’.

Not in these times of Brexit turmoil and a Trumpian trade war with China. As we go to press, there is little certainty about how events will pan out over the next couple of hours – let alone months.


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Included in this issue

Catching the cops

Aboriginal people are using a new app to record and report police brutality. Will it help break Australia’s culture of impunity...

Winners and losers

Vanessa Baird analyses how the Global South is affected by the current trade turmoil – and old patterns of power.

Cartoon History: Toussaint Louverture

From revolt to revolution: the story of Toussaint Louverture, former slave and military leader of the Haitian revolution, as...

Mixed media: books

Peter Whittaker and Jo Lateau review the latest releases in radical publishing.
Parsa Sanjana Sajid Dhaka

Dhaka's flowers and flames

A pocket of the city, vibrant with blossoms, is the site where destiny is always taking shape, observes Parsa Sanjana Sajid.

Do we fetishize indigenous people?

Working on a documentary about the Moken ‘Sea Gypsies’ prompted Julian Sayarer to examine the West’s obtuse gaze and...

The legacy of Mogadishu

Amanda Sperber assesses the long-term consequences of Somalia's worst suicide attack.

Just, open and green

Vanessa Baird concludes with 14 ways – at least – towards a better global trade.

Pigs that cross...

In talks about trade, something vital is omitted: the environment.

Open China?

China is making promises, but keeping them may be hard…

Brexit and the dark arts

Investor rex

The beast that won’t lie down and die – the ISDS ‘investor protection’ racket is still with us, in all but name.

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