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Who cares? Humanitarianism under attack

It’s official: the world is becoming more dangerous. Wars are on the rise, and humanitarian crises bloom like algae in their wake. Critically, these man-made disasters are happening at a time when the international community’s commitment to humane values – and ability to act – is increasingly in question.

This magazine advances our understanding of today’s changing world order. It asks, are we entering an age where far away suffering can be ignored? What tools and powers do institutions have to save lives in distant places. And considers how we go about restoring hope in international responses to shared global problems.


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Included in this issue

CND reaches 60

CND reaches 60

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) was founded 60 years ago.

Introducing... Emmerson Mnangagwa

Introducing... Emmerson Mnangagwa

The record of Zimbabwe's new President is not re-assuring for  Zimbabweans interested in human rights discovers Richard Swift

Mercury levels rising in Brazil

Mercury levels rising in Brazil

A large-scale dam in the Amazon is leading to dangerously high levels of mercury in indigenous communities writes Tom Lawson.

The Battle for ZAD: Victory for anti-airport movement

The Battle for ZAD: Victory for anti-airport movement

The French government has abandoned plans to build a controversial airport – but is still evicting the ZAD protesters. Claire...

Media switch off in Kenya

Media switch off in Kenya

A controversial six-day media switch-off has put the country’s news organizations at loggerheads with the government writes...

‘Repeal the eighth!’: Will Ireland liberalize abortion laws in May?

‘Repeal the eighth!’: Will Ireland liberalize abortion laws in May?

A long-awaited referendum on abortion is due this May, which will offer citizens the chance to repeal the constitution’s eighth...

Portraits of three Syrian cities: Huossen Hamod’s daughter looks out from a fifth floor balcony onto their decimated neighbourhood of Ansari al-Sharki, Aleppo

Portraits of war-torn Syrian cities

For those in government-held cities, only fragments of normality remain. Sally Hayden writes.

The new Turkish humanitarians

How Turkey is winning hearts and minds in Somalia

Jamal Osman reports on the rise of the new humanitarians in Somalia.

Three displaced Yemeni girls stand by the shredded remains of their tents in Abs settlement, which is regularly damaged by passing sandstorms.

Who cares? Humanitarianism under threat

Hazel Healy investigates the challenges facing 21st century disaster response.

A Rohingya refugee takes a moment’s pause, shortly after arriving in a makeshift camp at Teknaf, Bangladesh, last September. She is one of over 670,000 people to have fled over the border from Myanmar since August 2017.

Fleeing Myanmar

Parsa Sanjana Sajid speaks to Rohingya refugees trapped on the Bangladeshi border.

Fake Medicines

The drugs don’t work

Lea Surugue reports on the dramatic rise of heart disease in Africa and the corresponding crisis of fake cardiac drugs.

A mural in Frankfurt of drowned refugee Alan Kurdi, a photo of whose body lying on the beach went viral in 2015.

Why we all belong to a shared community

It is not rationality that unites us, but the fragility of our physical bodies, argues Tom Whyman.

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