Brazil’s soft coup
September 2017

Not so long ago Brazil was a country with both a booming economy and an enviably progressive set of social policies.

Today, almost exactly one year since Dilma Rousseff’s ‘impeachment’ (which many call a ‘coup’), Brazil is in social, political and economic meltdown.

Nothing is predictable. At various points, while researching this month’s Big Story, it looked like Brazil’s corruption-mired Michel Temer could not possibly hold on to the top job. At the time of writing, he is still in place.

Then there is the case of ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who could win next year’s presidential elections – or could be in prison.

Included in this issue

Brazil coup

Brazil’s soft coup hardens

Vanessa Baird reports on Brazil’s unfolding rightwing takeover. Can it be stopped?

Brazilian favelas

‘We have a lot to teach the city’

Favela dwellers speak to Vanessa Baird about police violence and creative resistance.

make a soft coup

Marcela’s recipe: how to make a soft coup

This dish may seem challenging at first, but is guaranteed to impress your guests!

Indigenous people, set to be robbed of their land rights, took their protest to Brasilia – to be rebuffed by armed forces.

Agribusiness seizes Brazilian power

Vanessa Baird writes on how agribusiness has mounted a coup against rural Brazilians.

Operation Car Wash

What is Brazil’s ‘Operation Car Wash’?

Is it the world’s biggest corruption scandal? By Vanessa Baird.

Women's rights Brazil: The state of sexism, rights of women and sexual minorities after the soft coup in Brazil

What’s sex got to do with it?

Womens’ and minority rights are disappearing since the soft coup in Brazil, reports Vanessa Baird.

‘Life is about how we can enhance society’

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, speaks to Danielle Batist about technology, Trump, and anger as a gift.


The persistence of patriarchy

The roots of patriarchy, how it is sustained, and how to go about challenging it. By Cynthia Enloe.

Canada 150

No celebration of colonization

Why First Nations people boycotted Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. Sian Griffiths reports.

Jamila Afghani

Making Waves: Jamila Afghani

Afghan women’s rights campaigner Jamila Afghani talks to Beena Nadeem.

Down with America’s racist monuments

It should not be controversial to take down statues of defenders of slavery, writes Mark Engler.

A musical Counterweight to ugly politics

Thea Gilmore speaks to Danny Chivers about music, politics and crying on stage.

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