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New Internationalist is all about people who are trying to make the world a better place. And if there is one quality that can spark change, it’s courage. So for the 500th issue of the magazine, we investigate this under-examined topic, asking: what is courage and what makes some people so brave? To help us understand, six exceptionally valiant individuals from around the world – several of whom are risking life and limb to do the right thing – tell their startling stories. Dare to be inspired.

March 2017, Issue 500

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  • Our 500th issue – time for courage and change

    Our 500th issue – time for courage and change

    It won’t last, the young founders of New Internationalist were told 500 issues ago. Read the letter from this month's Editors.

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  • New Internationalist – The Facts

    New Internationalist – The Facts

    We turn the focus inwards to mark our 500th edition.

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  • ‘We’ve never had a benefactor... It made sense to turn to our readers’

    ‘We’ve never had a benefactor... It made sense to turn to our readers’

    Alessio Perrone gets the inside story on our Community Share Offer.

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  • This is what it takes to stand up: the essence of courage

    This is what it takes to stand up: the essence of courage

    Courage can change the world. Vanessa Baird delves into what makes some people exceptionally brave.

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  • One woman against Big Oil and patriarchy

    One woman against Big Oil and patriarchy

    Alicia Cawiya, an indigenous activist prepared to defy the powerful to save Ecuador’s Yasuní, talks to Linda Etchart.

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  • Taking on the sand mafia

    Taking on the sand mafia

    Hired thugs won't stop S Mugilan. The South Indian activist talks to Sibi Arasu.

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  • Everybody's target

    Everybody's target

    He is repeatedly attacked by both sides in the Syrian conflict, but Abdullah Al Khateeb sees no reason to quit. By Erin Kilbride.

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  • A pretence of progress

    A pretence of progress

    Jeremy Seabrook considers the past, present and future implications of a growing inequality.

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  • Warning: may contain fake news

    Warning: may contain fake news

    The media must bear some responsibility for getting us into this mess, but journalists can also get out of it, writes Steve Parry.

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  • Obama's legacy falls short on organizing

    Obama's legacy falls short on organizing

    Technocratic liberals treat movement groups as another ‘special interest’ rather than a central pillar of their ability to govern, says Mark Engler.

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  • Mixed media: film reviews

    Mixed media: film reviews

    Certain Women, directed by Kelly Reichardt; Elle, directed by Paul Verhoeven; Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins.

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  • Mixed Media: Music reviews

    Mixed Media: Music reviews

    El Callegüeso y su Mala Maña by La Mambanegra; Luyando by Mokoomba.

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  • Country Profile: Somalia

    Country Profile: Somalia

    Somalia today is more like a political marketplace than a modern nation-state, writes Claire Elder.

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  • Justice turns its back on us

    Impunity rules in today’s Honduras. Trans activist Jlo Córdoba survives assassination attempts to speak to Dina Meza.

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  • The ambassador of joy

    Tatiana Vivienne reaches out to women in the violence-torn Central African Republic. She talks to Louisa Waugh.

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  • Dancing with fear

    Rapper Luaty Beirão talks to Marc Herzog about daring to talk democracy in Angola.

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  • Letter from Cochabamba

    Amy Booth enjoys a refreshing carnival while pondering its wider implications.

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  • Worldbeaters: Michel Temer

    Brazil’s oldest president – and architect of his predecessor’s downfall – is put under the spotlight.

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  • And Finally

    Crime writer Kati Hiekkapelto talks to Jo Lateu about racism in Finland and the importance of identity.

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