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Peace in Colombia? Hope and fear

The shock result of Colombia’s recent referendum in which – by a razor thin margin – the people voted ‘no’ to ratifying an accord to end 52 years of violent conflict, has not killed all hopes for peace. Both the government of Juan Manuel Santos, who recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the leader of the FARC guerrillas, Rodrigo Londoño, have vowed to continue the process. They are supported by hundreds of thousands across the country who have been marching for peace. This issue of the magazine looks at what is special about the peace being sought in Colombia and the forces that oppose it; the important role of women and minorities in shaping the peace; and the on-going struggle for economic, social and environmental justice in one of the continent’s most unequal and trouble-torn countries.

November 2016, Issue 497

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  • Peace in Colombia?

    Peace in Colombia?

    Another shock referendum result – this time in Colombia. Tatiana Garavito assesses the chances of ending the longest conflict in the western world.

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  • ‘We are slowly being killed by this mine’

    ‘We are slowly being killed by this mine’

    The British-Australian mine of Cerro Matoso has been linked to birth defects, pollution, poverty and paramilitary pay-offs. Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik investigates.

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  • ‘No jeans or high heels for me’

    ‘No jeans or high heels for me’

    Rebels talk about the big life changes they are facing. A photo story from a FARC jungle hideout by Marielle van Uitert and Sytske Susie Jellema.

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  • Protectors vs pipelines

    Protectors vs pipelines

    The native-led resistance at Standing Rock has emphasized environmentalism of a different complexion than is typically associated with ecological activism in the United States, writes Mark Engler.

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  • For their own good

    For their own good

    Sophie Cousins reports on different approaches to tackling Burma’s drug addiction crisis.

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  • Scratchy Lines: Build your own wall!

    Scratchy Lines: Build your own wall!

    Simon Kneebone's latest cartoon, from the November edition of New Internationalist magazine.

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  • PrEPped to go?

    PrEPped to go?

    A new HIV preventive drug has sparked debate around the globe, as Amy Hall discovers.

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  • Matters of life and death

    Matters of life and death

    Isabelle Gerretsen talks to doctors in the Netherlands – where euthanasia is legal – about supporting patients who choose to die.

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  • Blinded by 'technology'

    Blinded by 'technology'

    For all the fancy packaging, many of our gadgets have nothing to do with capitalist success stories. Bob Hughes explains.

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  • Why a basic income could be a gift to the Right

    Why a basic income could be a gift to the Right

    The desirability of a basic income depends on what we are expected to give up in return, writes Nick Dowson.

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  • Mixed Media: Films

    Mixed Media: Films

    I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach; The Innocents, directed and co-written by Anne Fontaine.

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  • When a house is not a home

    When a house is not a home

    On the matter of decent housing, the government turns a deaf ear to poorer citizens, while bending over backwards to help the wealthy. Lindsey Collen, who penned this column from 2006 to 2007, returns with a one-off letter.

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  • Can rightwingers be funny?

    Can rightwingers be funny?

    Steve Parry's latest column from the November edition of New Internationalist magazine.

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