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After Ebola

The world’s media extensively covered the Ebola crisis at its peak, but now the epidemic’s impact on communities in West Africa has fallen off the news agenda. And while millions of donor dollars eventually poured in to help contain and defeat the virus, its after effects – social, cultural and economic – will continue to be felt for years to come. We take a critical look at the humanitarian response and health systems deficit. Ebola is not a new disease – it’s been around since 1976 – so why did over 11,000 West Africans die 2014-16? Did we learn the right lessons from the outbreak, and, with Ebola considered endemic in the region, is Sierra Leone ready if the virus returns?

June 2016, Issue 493

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Exclusive this month

New Internationalist teamed up with On Our Radar to produce the interactive feature Back in Touch. In this powerful collection of videos, citizen journalists’ tell their stories of loss, love and reconnection in post-Ebola Sierra Leone. Sample them below:

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  • Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?

    Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?

    And will Sierra Leone be ready, should the virus return? Hazel Healy travelled there to find out.

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  • Ebola - the facts

    Ebola - the facts

    Statistics and more on the spread of the virus through West Africa.

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  • Love without touch

    Love without touch

    Bankolay Turay’s story of student romance on ice.

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  • 'These are the boys who fought Ebola!'

    'These are the boys who fought Ebola!'

    Gangsters turned mobilizers, the Tripoli Boys kicked Ebola out of their neighbourhood. Amjata Bayoh and Mohamed S Camara find out what happened next.

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  • Where my father lies

    Where my father lies

    Mariama B Jalloh’s quest to find her father’s resting place among the unmarked graves of those lost to Ebola in Sierra Leone.

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  • For better or worse

    For better or worse

    Mamie Lebbi, the first woman to test positive for Ebola, describes how she survived in the bush with her husband’s help.

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  • 'Everything is on my shoulders'

    'Everything is on my shoulders'

    Serah Tomba went from being a student to sole carer of seven orphans.

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  • 'I speak for the girls'

    'I speak for the girls'

    Elizabeth Katta talks about the lingering impacts of teenage pregnancy, which spiked during Ebola.

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  • Country profile: Ecuador

    Country profile: Ecuador

    Greg Wilpert reports on a country diverse in geography, politics and people.

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  • Against their will

    Against their will

    Roxana Olivera meets indigenous women in Peru who are still waiting for justice, two decades after being forcibly sterilized.

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  • Big Davids, small Goliaths

    Big Davids, small Goliaths

    How new trade deals – and Investor-State Dispute Settlements in particular – are giving more power to companies to sue countries for lost profits.

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  • Open Window: The hug

    Open Window: The hug

    This month's cartoon comes from guest cartoonist José Antonio Rodriguez Garcia from Mexico.

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  • Big Bad World

    Big Bad World

    This month's cartoon from Polyp.

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  • Men and feminism: the Smurthwaite Deal

    Men and feminism: the Smurthwaite Deal

    Kate Smurthwaite has an idea for how men can truly be feminist.

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  • The ‘Fight for $15’ dreams big – and wins

    The ‘Fight for $15’ dreams big – and wins

    Mark Engler hails a significant victory for workers in the US.

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  • Mixed Media: Music

    Mixed Media: Music

    This month's music reviews.

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  • Mixed Media: Films

    Mixed Media: Films

    This month's film reviews.

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  • Mixed Media: Books

    Mixed Media: Books

    This month's book reviews.

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  • Southern Exposure: Imal Hashimi

    Southern Exposure: Imal Hashimi

    Smoke and ash in Afghanistan.

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  • A word with Aziza Brahim

    A word with Aziza Brahim

    The Western Saharan singer and activist on Cuban solidarity, life as a refugee, and making her grandmother proud.

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