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Issue 483 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

June 2015

Fundamentalism: Power, politics and persuasion

Fundamentalism: Power, politics and persuasion


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Included in this issue

Country profile: Burma

In less than five years, Burma has undergone widespread change. We explore its transformation in this month's 'Country Profile'.

Interview with Maryam Abdulhadi al-Khawaja

Cristiana Moisescu talks to the Bahraini activist, who smiles in the face of adversity.

Can eating meat and dairy products be sustainable?

Simon Fairlie and James McWilliams go head to head.

Worshippers of the Almighty Invisible Hand

Robert W Parenteau’s satirical look at true believers in the ‘free market’.

The anti-gay gospel

How foreign funds amplify hate in Uganda, by Patience Akumu.

The miseducation of Jonny Scaramanga

His escape from fundamentalist schooling.

Dirty games

Azerbaijan will be showing its friendly face this month as it hosts the European Games. But it’s what is going on behind the...

Captive to their own myths

The upsurge of Hindu nationalism in India, by Urvashi Butalia.

Take your pick

Ziauddin Sardar on the various fundamentalisms on offer in Pakistan.

The lure of the dead-end

How do oppressive ideologies take hold despite the devastation they cause? Dinyar Godrej looks behind the news headlines.

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