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Total control - is Monsanto unstoppable?

The biotech giant has recently been voted both the ‘most evil corporation’ and the ‘most admired’. Its modus operandi is ingeniously profitable and controlling. And it says its mission is to help feed the world – with GM food. How worried should we be? asks Vanessa Baird.

April 2015, Issue 481

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  • Total control: is Monsanto unstoppable?

    Total control: is Monsanto unstoppable?

    Monsanto has a mission. But where will it lead the rest of us? Vanessa Baird begins this month's investigation into one of the world's most powerful and hated corporations.

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  • Towards an understanding of the psychopathy of patient Monsanto

    Towards an understanding of the psychopathy of patient Monsanto

    ‘Patient Monsanto’ is analysed by Jason Louv.

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  • Is Monsanto on the side of science?

    Is Monsanto on the side of science?

    Claire Robinson looks at what has happened to scientists who dare to say GM foods are not safe.

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  • The farmer’s friend

    The farmer’s friend

    Are farmers benefitting from growing GM crops, as Monsanto claims? Dionne Bunsha investigates.

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  • The People vs Monsanto (and other GM giants)

    The People vs Monsanto (and other GM giants)

    Around the world, people are mobilizing against biotech bullies.

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  • Should voting be compulsory?

    Should voting be compulsory?

    Mathew Lawrence and Uri Gordon go head to head.

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  • Ending corporate rule

    Ending corporate rule

    Can we find a way to loosen big business's stranglehold on the US? asks Mark Engler.

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