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Ending the oil age

Are we living through the dying days of the oil age? The oil industry is certainly facing challenging times. While the world is still dependent on ‘black gold’, change is on the horizon. Capital expenditure by the largest oil companies is now five times what it was in 2000, yet production has barely increased. The implications of this looming ‘carbon bubble’ are gradually dawning on the financial sector. Grassroots resistance and fossil-fuel divestment campaigns are racking up successes. The November issue explores these momentous developments and highlights strategies to prize big oil’s toxic grip from our political process.

November 2014, Issue 477

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  • Spied on by BP

    Spied on by BP

    Why did an oil company go to such lengths to monitor Jess Worth’s activism? Perhaps we are more powerful than we think.

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  • The spirit of Saro-Wiwa rises

    The spirit of Saro-Wiwa rises

    Twenty years after the execution of their leader, the Ogoni people are rebelling once more. Patrick Naagbanton reports from the frontline.

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  • Ending the oil age

    Ending the oil age

    Change is coming. Jess Worth examines whether growing pressure for divestment and disruption can knock Big Oil off its perch.

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  • A deeper pain

    A deeper pain

    The daily reality of life in Gaza creates unseen psychological scars, writes psychiatrist Samah Jabr.

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  • A place to feel free

    A place to feel free

    A group of young Chechens is battling to save their social club, reports Alice Lagnado.

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  • Is surrogacy a legitimate way out of poverty?

    Is surrogacy a legitimate way out of poverty?

    Doctors Nayna Patel and Mohan Rao go head to head.

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  • So much for free speech...

    So much for free speech...

    It's a complicated issue, admits Kate Smurthwaite.

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