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New Internationalist examines the world’s voracious appetite for raw materials and the explosive growth of mineral exploration around the globe. We look at commodity dependency from East Kalimantan, to Madagascar, to Canada’s tar sands and ask what that means for communities whose lands and livelihoods are threatened. And we try to answer the most pressing question of all: how can counties control and manage their natural resources for the greater good?

March 2014, Issue 470

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Hooked on commodities
Natural resource wealth isn't always a blessing. As Wayne Ellwood discovers, sometimes it can be just the opposite.
Sticky business
Canada has put all its eggs into one big basket fill of tar sands. That's a major mistake, argues Andrew Nikiforuk - for the country and for the planet.
A tsingular beauty
Kara Moses reports on plans to dig bitumen in Madagascar.
Commodities and dependency - THE FACTS
No joy in soy
Demand for genetically modified soy is changing the face of Argentina. And not for the better, says Eilis O'Neill.
Touch the earth
The global conflict between indigenous rights and mining companies. By Jen Wilton.
King coal runs amok
Alex Scrivener guides us through the coal-ravaged landscape of East Kalimantan.
Russia's war on its gay citizens
Isabella Moore photographs those bearing the brunt of the latest crackdown on LGBTI rights.
Let's talk about sex
Shereen El Feki uncovers a suprising truth about life in the Middle East.
Meet the protest profiteers
There's money to be made in crowd 'control' as Anna Feigenbaum discovers.
TTIP-ing point
Fridge fatigue in Ghana
15 years ago... in New Internationalist
Reintroducing Sheikh Hasina
Pastries against poverty
Lock up your genitals
Nuns, ministers, priests and babies
South Sudan war-torn again
Sexism movie ratings
Oil-free art
Letter from Bangui
Local interpretation of the war is more nuanced than that of Western journalists, says Ruby Diamonde.
And Finally
Investigative journalism is a dangerous, but essential, job in El Salvador, Oscar Martinez tells Graeme Green.
Argument: Can porn be ethical?
Porn performer and lecturer Kitty Stryker and feminist writer and activist Louise Pennington go head to head.
Mark Engler
The winter of the climate denier.
Chris Coltrane
Money-making and morality are seldom bedfellows.
Music reviews
Soutak by Aziza Brahim; Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile by Matana Roberts.
Film reviews
The Rocket, directed by Kim Mordaunt; Bastards, directed by Claire Denis; Stranger By the Lake, directed by Alain Guiraudie.
Book reviews
Baghdad Central by Elliott Colla; Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor; Invisible Women of Prehistory by Judy Foster with Marlene Derlet; The Poverty of Capitalism by John Hilary.