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Detained world

Across the globe, migrants – men and women, the old and the young – are routinely deprived of their liberty. The problem is getting worse. States are holding people on the move for longer, and in greater numbers, than ever before. Between them, Europe and the US imprisoned close to 1 million migrants in 2011. This damaging, brutal and costly practise is spreading to new pastures – Indonesia, Mauritania, Ukraine – sponsored by the rich world. What can be done to stop detention? To ensure that migrants are welcomed – not imprisoned?

January 2014, Issue 469

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Foreigners behind bars
Detaining foreigners is costly, inhumane and on the rise. Time to turn the tide back, argues Hazel Healy.
Making a killing
Outsourcing detention to private companies is a recipe for a disaster, says Antony Loewenstein.
Detaining migrants: THE FACTS
Inhospitable Israel
Tel Aviv is taking it to the next level with plans to hold African asylum-seekers in desert camps indefinitely, reports Joseph Cox.
Tough Guide to the World's Detention Centres
Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod offer a satirical round-up of the insalubrious accommodation awaiting travellers from the Global South.
Thinking outside the fence
Campaigners debate the merits of NGO-led alternatives to custodial detention.
Does making immigration detention more humane make it more widespread?
Web exclusive debate: Academic Michael Flynn and advocate Michelle Branégo head to head.
The Unreported Year in pictures
Stories from around the world that didn't make the mainstream media in 2013
Migrant worker abuse in Saudi Arabia exposed
Kenya: Somalis out!
Songlines app in Australia
Introducing Juan Orlando Hernandez
Professor Dumpster
20 years of Mexico's Zapatistas
72 hours to death in Indonesia
Norway's TV slowdown
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and Reasons to be Cheerful.
The best of 2013: films, books and music that won us over this year.
Film reviews
Inside Llewyn Davis, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen; Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, directed by Justin Chadwick.
Music reviews
The Huambo Musica Sessions by Tsikaya and Victor Gama; Gentle Men by Roy Bailey et al; The Enchanted Mesa by Stefan Zeniuk and Gato Loco.
Book reviews
Ripper by Isabel Allende; Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! by Richard Ned Lebow; How to Win the Class War by Susan George; and Lethal Allies by Anne Cadwallader. PLUS: Also out there
Is flying still beyond the pale?
Climate researcher Kevin Anderson and business adviser Brendan May go head to head.
Mark Engler
The great Monsanto food prize fiasco.
Steve Parry
Please, sir, I want some more schools!
Letter from Bangui
There is more to life in the Central African Republic than bad news, says Ruby Diamonde.
Country Profile: Turkmenistan
And Finally
Anthropologist, author and activist David Graeber talks to Jo Lateu about Occupy Wall Street, living like an anarchist and the mystery of British masochism.