New Internationalist

Fracking: The gathering storm

Fracking for oil and gas has become smoking hot. New Internationalist dispels the smokescreen of misleading claims put forward by industry proponents and questions the secrecy surrounding much of the practice. This explosive issue has already united climate change activists; we see how the resistance is spreading much further afield.

December 2013, Issue 468

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Will fracking realign the world?
Web exclusive: Pundits foresee an altered world order brought on by fracked gas and oil. Dinyar Godrej thinks the changes could play out quite differently.
The frack files (available as a pdf)
Our lowdown on fracking and why communities around the world are so against it. The myths, the science, the history, the empty promises, the facts - all in this handy primer.
What The Frack...?
The fracking process explained visually.
'We cannot have democracy without freedom from fossil fuels'
Interview with Gasland director Josh Fox.
The people's campaign
Reports on the fightback from Argentina, Australia and South Africa.
The end of the line
Indian railway stations are a magnet for impoverished looking for a better future. What usually awaits them is abuse and exploitation. Terina Keene on an initiative helping them find a way out.
Stories making the news this month:
Settling old scores in Sri Lanka
Greece's boss-free factory
Restrictions up in smoke
Stuck in the middle in Gilgit Baltistan
Iraq's forgotten refugees
Sperm jailbreak in the West Bank
Mark Engler
Shutdown America.
Chris Coltrane
Success should be measured in chocolate-chip muffins.
Argument: Is it time to junk the UN Security Council?
Phil Leech and Richard Gowan go head to head.
Music reviews
Quarter to Six by The Idan Raichel Project; The Secret Sounds of Savamala by Howlround.
Film reviews
The Patience Stone co-written and directed by Atiq Rahimi; Utopia written and co-directed by John Pilger.
Book reviews
The Party Forever by Rowan Callick; The Sky Wept Fire by Mikail Eldin; Madam Ataturk by Ipek Calislar; Bolivia: Processes of change by John Crabtree and Ann Chaplin.
Letter from Botswana
What is the accommodation between tradition and modernity, wonders Wame Molefhe.
Tough love, harsh truths, austerity cuts - it's all in a day's work for European Commission 'archangel of fiscal sobriety' Olli Rehn.
Country Profile:
Central African Republic
Making Waves
Dean Peacock, the director of Sonke Gender Justice Network, is determined to engage men and boys in women's rights. By Janey Stephenson.
And Finally
Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri tells Frank Barat why fame will not change him - or his passion for justice for his people.