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Land grabs

It’s been labelled as ‘the Earth’s final round-up’. Investors are seeking to annexe forests and farmland in a global land rush. For this issue we focus on Mozambique – one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. We meet rural communities dispossessed by powerful companies, speak to subsistence farmers at odds with Scandinavian foresters, Indian rice giants and biofuel projects. But, as well as the woes, we hear about growing South-South resistance to unbalanced deals.

May 2013, Issue 462

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The smallholders’ last stand
Investors are snapping up land in the global South at an alarming rate. Hazel Healy goes to Mozambique to meet the farmers who are losing their homes and livelihoods.
Invest in small farmers
Time to turn back the clock on decades of neglect of peasant agriculture.
Cazizi village holds its ground
Communities are working to get forestry companies to clean up their act, with mixed results.
Securing the global commons
The land grab has not gone unchallenged. Find out more about how to stop it.
A global tour of controversial land deals.
The eye of the farmer fattens the beast
Zimbabwe proves small producers can compete with big farms.
Sup with the Devil
Web exclusive:Mozambican smallholders thought they could do a deal with agribusiness. Hazel Healy reports on how Indian transnational OLAM treated its so-called partners.
Letter from Botswana
Wame Molefhe gets to grips with the importance of cows.
Country Profile: Indonesia
A country passing through a ‘decade of living dangerously.’
Marc Roberts' Only Planet cartoon
And Finally...
Comedian, author and activist Rob Newman on austerity, welfare – and how the triangle could save Greece.
This is Africa
David Fedele relates a true and uncomfortable tale of a tardy Good Samaritan.
Tales of taboo
Amy Hall on the little-known but devastating tradition of breast ironing.
Coming back from the brink?
Can India’s dwindling vulture population be saved? Graeme Green investigates.
Mass agitation in Bulgaria
Baby milk battles
Energy for all
Chadian dictator in court
Life after Chávez
Activist victory in Britain
Indonesian forests first
Bouncier babies
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by SimonKneebone
Argument: Is it time to ditch the pursuit of economic growth?
Economist and author Dan O’Neill and journalist and author Daniel Ben-Ami go head to head.
Mark Engler
The case for a maximum wage.
Chris Coltrane
Democracy only works when we know the truth.
Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon
The Reluctant Fundamentalist, directed by Mira Nair; The Gatekeepers, directed by Dror Moreh; and Fuck for Forest, directed by Michal Marczak.
Alter by Nynke; and Albala by Samba Touré.
Children of the Days by Eduardo Galeano; The Poorer Nations by Vijay Prashad; A Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel by Pin Ho and Wenguang Huang; and The Enigma of the Return by Dany Laferrière.
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